TTC Service Changes Effective September 4, 2022


  • The spreadsheet detailing all of the changes has been added at the end of this post.
  • The number of the Mimico GO shuttle has been corrected to 176.
  • Transfer arrangements at Queen & Dufferin for the 501 bus and streetcar services have been clarified.
  • Transfer arrangements at Queen & Roncesvalles for the 501 and 504 bus services have been added.

Updated September 5, 2022:

  • The spreadsheet listing all of the changes has been corrected for route 504 King. The original version included a description of the route carried over from the August version. This has been changed to reflect the September arrangements.

The TTC will make many changes to its scheduled service on September 4, 2022 with restorations of previous service levels on many routes. This will not get the system back to 100% of pre-pandemic levels.

An important distinction is between three values:

  • The amount of service scheduled before Spring 2020
  • The amount of service budgeted for 2022
  • The amount of service scheduled for 2022

The TTC plans to be back to 97% of budgeted service for bus, 84% for streetcar and 92% for subway. The overall numbers are compared below.

January 2020 Scheduled185,8257,068192,893
September 2022 Budgeted186,3796,398192,777
September 2022 Scheduled177,9304,965182,895

In the original 2022 service budget, the TTC planned to be back to roughly the same level of service as in January 2020 by September 2022. However, slower ridership recovery coupled with staffing constraints produced a lower scheduled service expressed as hours/week.

There are further caveats:

  • The distribution of hours by time of day might not be the same in 2022 as in 2020 because of changing demand patterns.
  • Changes in running times to deal with congestion or service reliability can mean that the same service hours are stretched over wider headways. Not all vehicle hours are created equal.

All that said, there are many changes in service levels, and with the bus network being back to 97%, the schedules for September 2022 are often based on old versions before service cuts were implemented. Another change for this month is the reintroduction of school trips on many routes.

Subway Service

Headways on both Lines 1 and 2 (YUS and BD) will improve although not yet to pre-pandemic peak levels. The table below compares August 2022, September 2022 and January 2020 service levels. An important change in September will be the provision of 6 gap trains on each line. These will be staged for filling service gaps from various locations along each route. On Line 1, with ATC (Automatic Train Control), a gap train can run very close behind a regular train because the signal system will handle the spacing.

The service memo is silent on two pending changes for Line 1: one person train operation (aka OPTO) over the entire route, and activation of ATC between Eglinton and Finch. There is a planned weekend closure on September 17 and 18 from Finch to St. Clair, but it is not clear whether this will be the cutover date. OPTO is currently in use between Vaughan and St. George, and delays are common at St. George for crew changes producing erratic service on the main part of the line.

January 2020August 2022September 2022
Line 1 YUS
AM Peak2’21”3’30”3’00”
Gap Trains426
PM Peak2’36”3’30”3’00”
Gap Trains226
Early Evening3’30”3’30”3’30’
Late Evening5’00”5’00”5’00”
Line 2 BD
AM Peak2’21”3’45”3’00”
Gap Trains146
PM Peak2’31”3’45”3’00”
Gap Trains146
Early Evening3’42”6′4’52”
Late Evening4’52”6′4’52”

Gap trains on Line 1 will be staged at Finch Station, York Mills Pocket Track, Davisville Yard (2), Lawrence West Pocket Track and Wilson Yard. The intention is to use gap trains to bring the capacity southbound to Bloor Station close to the pre-pandemic level at the height of the peak period.

On Line 2 they will be staged at Kipling Station, Keele Yard, Christie Pocket Track, Chester Pocket Track, Greenwood Yard and Kennedy Station.

There are no planned changes for Line 3 SRT nor for Line 4 Sheppard.


Many changes will come to the streetcar network in September due to construction projects beginning, continuing and ending.

501 Queen

Service on the Queen streetcar will be extended west and south to Dufferin Loop from the current terminus at Wolseley Loop (Bathurst).

The 501L Queen bus will be cut back to operate between Long Branch and Dufferin looping via Gladstone, Peel and Dufferin. The arrangements for transfer connections between the streetcar and bus services have not been announced yet. There will be no 501H Humber service.

The planned looping at Dufferin has been changed. 501 buses will loop via Dufferin, Peel and Gladstone (clockwise rather than the original counterclockwise plan). A new stop will be created for the 501 bus southbound on Gladstone at Queen as the transfer point to/from streetcars in both directions.

501 cars will operate from Leslie and Roncesvalles. The 501L buses will operate from Wilson.

At Roncesvalles Carhouse, 501 cars will initially use the North Gate to enter and leave service, and they will operate via Roncesvalles, Dundas and Bathurst to route. When construction at the South Gate completes (expected in September), carhouse trips will run via Queen and use that gate. The North Gate will close for construction of the final phase of the King-Queen-Queensway-Roncesvalles project (see route 504 below).

503 Kingston Road

With the completion of track reconstruction at King and Sumach, the 503 Kingston Road service will revert to its standard route via King west of the Don River. However, the beginning of track restoration on Adelaide Street will require the removal of service from Charlotte Loop so that the eastbound switch on Adelaide can be restored. All 503 Kingston Road service will be extended west to Bathurst and north to Wolseley Loop at Queen.

504 King

As with the 503 Kingston Road route, 504 King will resume using King Street west of the Don River, and streetcar service to Distillery Loop will resume.

At Shaw Street, a combined project of water main replacement and track renewal will close King to streetcar service and the west end of 504 streetcar service will switch to Exhibition Loop. The last stop on the route will be at Strachan Avenue, and 504 cars will lay over on the north track within Exhibition Loop to avoid blocking the 511 and 509 services. This assumes, of course, that the 504 King cars have enough running time to even reach Exhibition Loop rather than short turning at Fleet Loop. (Charlotte Loop at Spadina will not be available due to construction.)

Shuttle buses will operate between Dundas West Station and York Street diverting around construction via Atlantic, Liberty and Strachan (these streets are already used by the south end of 63 Ossington).

Reconstruction of track and transit stops on Roncesvalles will cause the 504C bus to divert from Dundas West Station.

The combination of the two diversions produces a Cook’s tour via Roncesvalles, Howard Park, Parkside, Lake Shore, Colborne Lodge, The Queensway, King, Atlantic, Liberty, Strachan and King (again) to York. The downtown loop will be via York, Richmond and University. The westbound route follows the eastbound one in reverse.

As at Dufferin Street, it is not clear where the official transfer points between the 504 and 501 services will be. New stops will be created on King Street east of The Queensway for use by 504 buses in both directions.

One thing is clear from the planned route, however: King Street will be open again at Queen/Queensway. Where the eastbound transfer point will be is a mystery.

The 504C buses will operate from Birchmount and Queensway. I hope that the operators do not get lost.

505 Dundas

505 Dundas streetcar service will return to Dundas West Station from its temporary terminal at High Park Loop. The schedule from March 2021 will be used.

506 Carlton

The temporary diversion for reconstruction of Carlton and Church will complete, but a larger diversion for the College Street rebuilding project will begin. 506 Carlton cars will divert both ways via Bay, Dundas and Ossington. Shuttle bus service will operate between Ossington and Castle Frank Stations via Ossington, College/Carlton and Parliament diverting around the College Street project as needed as this moves along the street from Bay to west of Bathurst (Manning Avenue).

The 506C buses will operate from Eglinton.

509 Harbourfront

Seasonal service additions on weekends will be removed and service will revert to March 2022 schedules. There is no change to weekday service.

511 Bathurst

Service will be improved during weekday and weekend periods with a move back to the May 2022 schedules.

512 St. Clair

Service will be improved during weekday and weekend periods with a move back to May 2022 schedules. Travel and recovery time for early morning trips from Leslie Barns to Gunns Loop will be extended.

The allocation of routes to carhouses is shown below.


The number of “600 Run as Directed” (RAD) bus crews will be expanded with 14 additional crews on weekdays, 33 on Saturdays, and 28 on Sundays.

School Trips Restored/Adjusted

The following routes will have their school trips restored and/or adjusted to allow for new school timetables.

  • 11 Bayview
  • 12 Kingston Road
  • 15 Evans
  • 25 Don Mills
  • 44 Kipling South
  • 45 Kipling
  • 48 Rathburn
  • 50 Burnhamthorpe
  • 51 Leslie
  • 56 Leaside
  • 68 Warden
  • 70 O’Connor
  • 84 Sheppard West
  • 91 Woodbine
  • 95 York Mills
  • 106 Sentinel
  • 111 East Mall
  • 112 West Mall
  • 161 Rogers Road
  • 165 Weston Road North
  • 167 Pharmacy North

Service Improvements/Restorations

  • 24 Victoria Park reverts to January 2020 schedules
  • 26 Dupont reverts to October 2021 schedules on weekdays and Sundays
  • 29 Dufferin reverts to May 2022 schedules
  • 32 Eglinton West reverts to May 2022 schedules. This backs out extra running time that was added for the Eglinton West LRT tunnel project.
  • 34 Eglinton East will receive additional early PM peak service by conversion of westbound dead head trips from Eglinton Garage to revenue service between 2:45 and 3:45 pm.
  • 38B Highland Creek and 938 Highland Creek Express service will be restored to serve UTSC using September 2021 schedules.
  • 40 Junction/49 Bloor West: Planned construction at Kipling Station has been deferred to 2023 and the interline of these routes implemented in August will be dropped. Schedules will revert to May 2022.
  • 41 Keele service will be improved during the early evening on Saturdays.
  • 51 Leslie service will be improved during some periods with offsetting reductions at times of lower demand.
  • 52 Lawrence West reverts to October 2021 schedules.
  • 60 Steeles West service will be reallocated from the midday to the peak periods to match demand, and to support related changes on the 960 express service.
  • 66 Prince Edward will receive improved service in the early PM peak from 2pm northbound to match rider demand.
  • 110 Islington South reverts to January 2020 schedules.
  • 123 Sherway will receive improved service during many periods to serve rider demand.
  • 134 Progress reverts to September 2021 schedules.
  • 176 Mimico GO service will be restored with times adjusted to current GO schedules.
  • 905 Eglinton East Express service will be improved on weekdays and Saturdays using May 2022 schedules.
  • 927 Highway 27 Express service will be improved on weekdays using January 2022 schedules.
  • 939 Finch Express service will be improved on weekdays and Saturdays using May 2022 schedules.

Seasonal Services

  • 30 High Park service into the park ends.
  • 75 Sherbourne service will be improved for demand at the George Brown waterfront campus, although not to its former service level as the campus will also be served by 65 Parliament.
  • 86 Scarborough Zoo shuttle hours will be changed to reflect Terra Lumina events and the fall hours of the Zoo itself.
  • 92 Woodbine South weekend services will revert to March 2022 schedules.
  • 102 Markham Road will revert to October 2021 schedules to serve Centennial College.
  • 174 Ontario Place service ends (it has already been suspended for the duration of the CNE).

Other Changes

  • 35B Jane via Hullmar service will be removed from Peter Kaiser Gate and Steeles west of Jane.
  • 42 Cummer will revert to February 2020 schedules and will no longer divert between Bayview and Leslie. The route will now be operated from McNicoll.
  • 46 Martin Grove will receive additional service to handle demand between 2:00 and 3:00 pm, and between 11:30 and 11:50 pm weekdays.
  • 54 Lawrence East midday service will be adjusted to balance recovery times on the two branches.
  • 320 Yonge Night Bus will have service removed and added during various periods to match demand.
  • 929 Dufferin Express buses will all terminate at Dufferin Loop.
  • 960 Steeles West Express stops at New Westminster will be removed both ways. Stops will be added eastbound at Petrolia, Alness (East side), Hidden Trail and Torresdale. Stops will be added westbound at Thurman, Conley, Alness, and Tandem. These changes are in response to a review of local and express ridership.

Service Reliability Changes

  • 44 Kipling South and 944 Kipling South Express
  • 45 Kipling and 945 Kipling Express
  • 47 Lansdowne
  • 84 Sheppard West and 984 Sheppard West Express
  • 100 Flemingdon Park (weekdays)
  • 131 Nugget

Amazon Fulfillment Centre

The looping arrangements for 53/953 Steeles East and 102 Markham Road will be changed to standardize the routes serving the Amazon Fulfillment Centre.

65/365 Parliament Extension

As previously approved in the 2022 Service Plan, the 65/365 Parliament services will be extended south to Queens Quay looping at George Brown College (the same loop used by the Bay bus).

Services That Remain Suspended

The 14x Downtown Express routes are still suspended “pending further review of investment effectiveness through the 2023 Annual Service Plan”.

508 Lake Shore is still suspended pending completion of the King-Queen-Queensway-Roncesvalles project.

Summary of Construction Projects

The TTC now includes a summary of construction projects in its memo detailing service changes.

Here is a spreadsheet with all of the service change details:

2022.09.04_Service Changes_V2

29 thoughts on “TTC Service Changes Effective September 4, 2022

  1. Will the TTC have to bend to TIFF this year? I’m sure the TIFF organization is eager to take over King Street again to rent out to its sponsors, especially after two years of limited programming. With work starting on Adelaide, I could see this be even worse in 2022.

    Steve: Nothing has been announced yet.


  2. Will Queensway Have RADS for the September 2022 board?

    Steve: It’s not listed in the service memo, but they could be assigned ad hoc with spare operators.


  3. The 300A Bloor-Danforth uses Highway 427 between Burhamthorpe and Dixon. Yet there are no stops to serve the people on both sides of Highway 427, especially bypassing residences in high rises along The West Mall.

    300B is a short turn using The West Mall, Burhamthorpe, and The East Mall. Again, ignoring the residences in the high rises between Burhamthorpe and Rathburn.

    Understand it does serve Pearson Airport, but if it uses The West Mall to at least Eglinton Avenue West (Renforth Station), it would only add a minute or two in the morning hours. (Without real transit priority signals, it maybe 5 minutes.)

    The 300 looks good on napkins, but not in reality.


  4. The 502 via King will start service this fall! Don’t understand why Adelaide & Charlotte couldn’t wait until Wellington is complete as I think there’s only one block of track work left. On Adelaide, there’s plenty of tangent and another intersection that they could have started with.

    Steve: 502 via King??? It’s the 503. The 502 went via Queen to McCaul Loop. I don’t know what the hold up is on finishing that last block of Wellington east of Yonge, but this project has been a cock up from the beginning.


  5. Just to clarify, the 53/953 will no longer be going to the cul di sac at Amazon, but will have a layover point on Morningside?

    Steve: Here are details from the service memo:

    The new end-of-line location for this route will be located on Morningside Avenue in the northbound lane, opposite the Amazon Fulfillment Centre. Operators can use the facilities at the Amazon Fulfillment Centre during all hours of service when observing layover / recovery time at the northern end-of-line location.


  6. Hi Steve, thanks for this. I suppose the Steeles East shuttle from Markham/Steeles to Amazon is staying? I assumed it would be removed when the intersection of Morningside and Steeles opened and TTC moved stops around in the area.

    Steve: I believe the new arrangement replaces that shuttle as there is no mention of it in the memo, but I will check when planning staff are back from the weekend.


  7. “The last stop on the route will be at Strachan Avenue, and 504 cars will lay over on the north track within Exhibition Loop to avoid blocking the 511 and 509 services.”

    As someone who can take advantage of this routing due to trips to the Coliseum at Exhibition place, that’s nice, even if I have to get off at Strachan. Can you confirm though what will be the “first stop”? Will the 504 pick people up at the regular stops in the loop, or will they make you go over to Strachan to board, or worse, not pick up anyone until they get to King Street?

    Quoting the service memo: “Customers may board eastbound 504 King Streetcars at Fleet Street and Strachan Avenue …”.


  8. Steve: 502 via King??? It’s the 503. The 502 went via Queen to McCaul Loop.

    I was just making reference to the period in the Downtowner route history when it came to Bathurst. However, its western terminus wasn’t Wolesley loop and was actually Bathurst station.

    Steve: The terminus might as well have been Wolseley because so many of the 502s were short turned thereby defeating the purpose of having a streetcar bypass to St. George Station as a route into downtown (hence the renamed “Kingston Rd.” car).


  9. What happens to the 365 Parliament night bus, when the TTC extends daytime service to the waterfront? I understand that the TTC proposed cancelling the route, but that was when the service ended in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood. Is this the time to mark the end of route 365? It seems unfortunate, since the east waterfront is alive with construction of residential buildings, that the TTC would offer no overnight access to the area.

    Steve: The 365 is alive and well and will run to Queens Quay just like the daytime service.


  10. Hey Steve! With the 504 missing a large section of service on Roncesvalles, will the buses serve stops on Parkside?

    Steve: Yes. According to the service memo, 504C buses can be boarded at stops on Howard Park and Parkside.


  11. Any news on the 8 Broadview extension to Coxwell, which I’d have expected to start in September?

    And the new 150 Eastern Avenue service?

    Steve: Sometime this fall, I believe, but there is no date announced yet.


  12. Glad that some service is being restored! Couple of follow-ups….

    1. Doesn’t look like the 504 even has enough run time to make it to Fleet loop. Why can’t they use Wolesley? (maybe that’s why I’m not in TTC planning lol).

    Steve: Because the 503 will be at Wolseley. Also Wolseley is a small loop and could not handle the frequency of service on the 504.

    2. 42 Cummer, ‘Route reassigned to McNicoll’… and where was the route in the current board? Wasn’t it already at McNicoll? 😛

    Steve: The route is reverting to the February 2020 schedules. At that time, it operated from Wilson, but the schedule will be revised to operate from its current (as you point out) location at McNicoll.

    3. 60C Steeles West (PV Station-Kipling), is this a permanent route or just temporary? It has not shown up on any TTC map, now that I think about it, it’s the same with the 97BCDF of Yonge Street, map still only shows 97ABF, I think that ones only temporary though.

    Steve: The TTC has been playing around with the services on Steeles, and the 60C was invented to deal with a shortfall of capacity on the 960 which provides local service west of PV station. The intent of through-routing the 960 at PV station rather than the 60 local was to avoid transfer between buses for people riding from an express stop east of PV to a local stop to the west.

    Always supportive of your blogging, and appreciate time it takes to answer!

    Steve: Many thanks!


  13. One thing is clear from the planned route, however: King Street will be open again at Queen/Queensway. Where the eastbound transfer point will be is a mystery.

    Considering the past and current arrangements, likely at a traffic cone somewhere near Glendale Avenue.

    Steve: That temporary stop at Glendale is a disgrace. The last time I used it, it was a patch of dirt a few metres square. The pedestrian bridge over the track excavation had nails sticking out of the floorboards that were tripping hazards. But remember! Safety is a paramount concern at the TTC.

    Also, I’m a little curious how many service hours or kilometres the 174 actually operated, and what was the cumulative ridership.

    Steve: I suspect that route saw very few riders. Ontario Place is a hopeless location to reach from Exhibition Loop because events between the two endpoints so often block the path. I am waiting for Metrolinx to blow a billion or so on some sort of monorail link.


  14. How about 927 express? There is no added bus on this route? Buses are always packed especially on morning trips (5:40am & 6am) going to Kipling station.

    Steve: There is more service on the 927 in the AM peak (2 more buses), midday (2 more buses) and PM peak (4 more buses). The changes are listed in the table. Whether this will be enough to address the problem you report remains to be seen.


  15. Steve opined: “I am waiting for Metrolinx to blow a billion or so on some sort of monorail link.”

    And yes, that would be money well spent if it were taken from the budgets of the other four transit priority projects of our Chief Planner, with their scrapping to squeeze the billions for more useful transit projects/works that aren’t so tainted with ‘carservatism’. (We do need to have a larger transit budget yes, along with the political will, but sadly ’tis all suspect). Maybe not a monorail; but even a subway, though as level as possible for energy conservation, and for me, and many others, not to worry about the Indy.


  16. It’s napkin-drawing by wklis to suggest the 300 could “go up West Mall to Eglinton”. West Mall ends just north of Rathburn. From there, you are using 40 km/h residential streets (and that includes Renforth). The 112 West Mall takes about 20 minutes to go from Burnhamthorpe/West Mall to Renforth station. So hardly a matter of “a couple more minutes”. Also, there is no way to get onto the 427 northbound, north of Burnhamthorpe, so it’s local roads all the way. East Mall does go to Eglinton, but it’s 40 km/h for most of that length and isn’t going to generate much traffic.

    Looking at the King shuttle detour route, that’s not a very attractive route! Parkside Drive is quite far west of Roncesvalles–about 600 metres across High Park Blvd. It’s actually shorter to walk south from Roncesvalles and Howard Park! Furthermore, being let off southbound leaves you to play frogger across Parkside Drive, as the only two traffic lights are at High Park Blvd and Spring Garden Rd.

    At the risk of drawing my own lines on the map, diverting via Howard Park, Dundas, and Lansdowne/Jameson or even Queen and Wilson Park would be simpler, and not make Roncesvalles locations any much less accessible. (Sorauren, Indian Rd, and Sunnyside are all too narrow for buses, unless parking was banned on both sides. Good luck with delivery vehicles and Ubers.)

    Steve: There are very few east-west access paths from Lansdowne to Roncesvalles south of Dundas. The really big problem is at the Lansdowne/Queen/Jameson intersection and on Jameson south of Queen. It is notoriously congested. When the TTC was planning the original 504C detour, they looked at Jameson rather than Dufferin for the north/westbound route from King to Queen and found it was impractical.

    More napkin planning?


  17. The temporary diversion for reconstruction of Carlton and Church will complete, but a larger diversion for the College Street rebuilding project will begin. 506 Carlton cars will divert both ways via Bay, Dundas and Ossington.

    If only the professional hosers in charge had remembered to add the curves for the southwest quadrant of the intersection when they had ripped it up a few years ago…


  18. Hi Steve

    Thanks for all the detail. Any news from the TTC on the 2022 ASP’s proposed 150 Eastern rush hour bus service? Is that going to start this year or is it out off?

    Steve: Not sure of a start date, but I suspect later this year.

    Also, regarding Ontario Place I have doubts Metrolinx will actually build a shuttle there. Instead they will see the picture of the 174 bus on the map and assume that works (I doubt Metrolinx looks at TTC service disruptions, diversions, or cancellations).


  19. What about the 73 Royal York and 127 Davenport? These routes are a part of my commuting to GBC. The schedule of 127 does not allow me to come to classes before 8 am.

    Steve: There are no changes on either of these routes in September. As for the 127 Davenport, its first trips are at 545: westbound and 6:08 eastbound. How does this prevent your getting to classes before 8am?


  20. What Division is the route 176 going to based out of, when is the starting day of route 176 going in operation in September & is Queensway not doing the 501 Shuttle Bus anymore for this service change?

    Steve: The 176 Mimico GO will operate from Queensway, and its first day will be Tuesday, September 6 (Monday is a holiday). The 501 buses will come from Wilson.


  21. Will 504 Shuttles still go into Dundas West, and will they still be Wilson based?

    Steve: I have already reported that the 504C shuttles will run from Queensway and Birchmount. As for Dundas West, the 505 Dundas car is supposed to be using the station in September, and I have to assume that the buses will run through there too. The table of construction projects included in the article shows that the Dundas West Station project will end with the August schedule period.


  22. Sorry if I sound completely clueless, but is there any projected date as to when Queen 501 streetcar service will be restored to Long Branch? Can’t seem to find that info anywhere.

    Steve: No date has been published. In theory, with the work left to do, it should be possible for the schedule change in late November, but I am not optimistic given this project’s history.


  23. Hello Steve. Thank you for all your great information. So there will be no 501 buses picking up passengers on the Queensway in September? Or terminating at Humber Loop from University? We can only take 501 buses from the Lakeshore and to Long Branch only. Thank you

    Steve: The 501L buses do pick up at stops from Windermere eastward, but not at South Kingsway nor Humber Loop. Note that there are already some periods when only the 501L to Long Branch operates. With the September schedules, the 501H disappears completely.


  24. Today is the first day for the revised southern terminus of the 65 bus. To my surprise the online TTC timetable has the new stops. Of course, they spoil this perfect score by still having the old route description and map (and I doubt the stop signage has been adjusted yet either) but I assume these are dealt with by other silos @ TTC so may not be changed for a while as they still have a stop sign (admittedly with a sign in the (redundant) Astral shelter saying ‘not in use’) on Princess southbound @ The Esplanade though this stop has not been served since spring 2022!

    Steve: The lack of co-ordination of customer info is rampant and is not helped by a website where various sections are maintained by different groups, and the degree of linkage for “all info on route x” is uneven.


  25. Hi Steve, just want to point out that in the service changes spreadsheet, for the King car it still says “Diverted via Queen & Parliament due to trackwork at King & Sumach. All east service to Broadview Station as 504B. See 506 Carlton for replacement bus service to the Distillery District.” The construction and King car detour seems to continue for now, but the shuttle is gone.

    Also, I don’t really know why, but service on the 506 shuttle has been horrendous, whether it was the Spadina-Distillery shuttle or the Ossington-Castle Frank shuttle. Guess I should be walking to Dundas if I need to get somewhere in reasonable time.

    Steve: Thanks for catching that. I have replaced the spreadsheet. The text, obviously, was carried over from the August version, and I updated the service info without changing the description.

    As for the 506 shuttle, yes it has been horrendous. Very large gaps and bunching were common. Earlier today (Sept. 5, a holiday) I was looking at the line on NextBus and four of the six buses were in a clump at the east end of the line. Service on the replacement bus shuttles has been appallingly bad, and nobody at the TTC seems to care.


  26. The “501 Queen” route now operates with streetcars from the loop at Dufferin Street in the west to the Neville Park loop in the east, and with shuttle buses between the loop at Dufferin Street and the Long Branch loop.

    During the summer, there has been new tracks and pavement on Lakeshore Boulevard between Royal York Road and Park Lawn Avenue (near Humber Bay Park) in preparation for the eventually return of streetcars. When is the next change to this route expected?

    Steve: Actually the track replacements were not as far east as Park Lawn, but for a short stretch further west that had been omitted from work in previous years. There was also the intersection at Kipling. Streetcars should return by the end of 2022 or early 2023, but until I see them actually running, I won’t believe it.


  27. Does the 176 Mimico GO have a stop at Lake Shore Blvd West/Park Lawn Rd? Does the bus go all the way to Mimico Go train station on weekdays?

    Steve: Yes there is a stop at Lake Shore and Park Lawn. For details refer to the TTC’s page for this route. This bus only runs on weekdays at rush hours.


  28. When is the 144 route downtown/don valley route going to be reinstated??? Needed ASAP!!! So much faster to get downtown daily.

    Steve: There is no word on this, and given that demand to downtown is still the weakest part of the recovery, don’t hold your breath. It’s an expensive way to give a handful of riders (640 one-way trips per day in 2017) a quick trip while using up buses and operators that could be better deployed elsewhere. Five years ago, the TTC cited the net cost per rider (after fare revenue) for the 144 to be $7.88, and that was the least expensive of the five routes. It would be cheaper to give people a free ride on GO Transit.


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