Waterfront LRT Public Consultation: June 21, 2021

The City of Toronto, TTC and Waterfront Toronto will be holding an online consultation to bring interested parties up to date on plans for the Waterfront East LRT. Links to register for and join the meeting online are available at the City’s Waterfront Transit page.

This round will cover the following topics according to the City’s announcement:

  • Initial design work for the extension of Queens Quay from Parliament Street to the Distillery Loop, including options for getting under the rail corridor
  • Design updates for the surface section on the LRT and Queens Quay East streetscape, including an update on the Yonge Street Slip
  • Progress update on the design of the underground section of the LRT from Union Loop to the proposed portal locations on Queens Quay East, and a new design concept plan for Bay Street following completion of underground works
  • An update on project phasing and implementation
  • An overview of the upcoming Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) for the project
  • An update and a summary of feedback from the February consultations

Materials from past consultations are available on the City’s page linked above.

2 thoughts on “Waterfront LRT Public Consultation: June 21, 2021

  1. Has there been any consideration to building a limited-stop streetcar right of way east from the new intersection of Queens Quay & Cherry, along Lakeshore to around Queen and Coxwell or Woodbine? Based on the planned neighborhood map it looks like the City is only planning for circulation within the new neighborhood, not looking at potential connectivity with the existing east-end streetcar network or providing express options to get around the area. Seems like a missed opportunity to give east-end residents a better option than driving on Lakeshore to get downtown.

    Steve: Part of the Waterfront Reset review was a consideration of service all the way to Woodbine, but the projected demand is quite low. Eventually, the line on Commissioners Street (which connects to the Broadview Extension) will go to Leslie, but that is mainly to provide a second access route to the carhouse.


  2. I live near Queen’s Quay East. Over the last five years developers have been working on completing the wall of condos that cuts the rest of the city off from the lake. Constructing those condos has required excavating about half the land south of Queen’s Quay. It is all landfill, so there are no archeological concerns.

    If the rapid transit route had been built prior to the condo development there would have been a clear run from where it emerged on the surface, at Freeland, to Cherry Street. However, to accommodate the condos, three sidestreets will be built, crossing the transit line, and requiring stop lights.

    What I would have liked to have seen was a requirement for the developers to have excavated a single entrance and exit to all the underground garages, NORTH of the transit line, so transit vehicles never had to stop for single occupant automobiles.


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