Brill Bus Fantrip July 29, 1972

As a holiday gift to the fans of old buses (and I know you’re out there even if you think this is really a streetcar blog), a photo gallery from a fantrip I organized many years ago using one of the TTC’s Brill coaches. Bus 1935 dates from 1955, and was retired in the mid 1970s.

For more information on the TTC’s fleet before the arrival of the GM “New Look” buses, see Before the New Looks on Transit Toronto.

5 thoughts on “Brill Bus Fantrip July 29, 1972

  1. Are there any pictures of the interiors? There are so many pictures of exteriors of transit vehicles, but most transit users want to get on board and go somewhere. 🙂

    Steve: Interiors are much rarer. I only took exteriors on that trip.


  2. What a beautiful bus! I hope it was preserved or at least one of them were. Would be amazing if it were operational as well, something along the lines such as New York Transit Museum’s 2969 & 3100 rather than a static piece. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thank you Steve for this post. Oh, sure, I love old streetcars, but I love anything old, like old people, old wine, old cheese, old buses, old trains, old planes, old buildings, even old politicians.

    Best wishes for the holidays, Steve, and for 2019, and best of health to you!!!


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