King-Queen-Queensway-Roncesvalles March 2022 Update

Construction has resumed, although not exactly at a “breakneck” pace, at the complex junction of King, Queen, The Queensway and Roncesvalles. Here are photos showing the current state of things.

Slip Lane Removal

On the southwest corner of the intersection, there used to be a “slip lane” that allowed eastbound traffic veering from The Queensway to King Street to bypass the signalled intersection. This was fine for motorists, but a danger to pedestrians. In the new intersection layout, this lane has been removed and the sidewalk will be expanded to make this a conventional 90-degree junction.

King Street Realignment

King Street formerly met Queen at an angle, but this has now been straightened out. With the new intersection geometry, the two streetcar lanes split apart east of the intersection. This will align the future tracks on the north side with sidewalk “bumpouts” for the northbound and southbound carstops.

Track and Overhead Construction

Many new overhead support poles have been installed around the intersection, and they are festooned with coils of future span wires. West of Sunnyside Loop, excavation of the trackbed has started together with construction of foundations for centre support poles.

Planned Restoration of Streetcar Service

In the announcement of February 2022 service changes, the TTC anticipated that 501 streetcar service would be restored to Sunnyside Loop in the May 2022 changes.

In May, the 501 bus shuttle will be shortened from Broadview to University, but streetcars will continue to operate only to Bathurst Street (Wolseley Loop). I have asked the TTC for an update on streetcar service restoration and await a reply.

4 thoughts on “King-Queen-Queensway-Roncesvalles March 2022 Update

  1. Removal of the old Grey Coach Lines layby in front of the old Sunnyside Bus Terminal increased the sidewalk space on the northwest corner. Guess no more RACES buses to New Woodbine, Fort Erie, or Long Branch horse racetracks either.


  2. I am tired of this endless track construction. It is time to get rid of this 200 years old ancient “technology” and replace with 21st century transportation technology.

    Steve: There are hundreds of streetcar systems around the world in major cities, and a robust market for new vehicles. But if you want to call it “ancient”, well that’s up to you. Maybe we should get rid of buses and subways too. After all they have been around for a very long time too.


  3. Let’s remember that the main reason for construction here was replacing sewers and watermains – also a 200 years old ancient “technology”. And a major cause of construction delays was electricity connections… not exactly a 21st century invention either.

    Steve: There was also the reconfiguration of the intersection which, I fear, in some ways will work against rather than for transit. That triggered the relocation of TTC infrastructure and hence some of the hydro problems. A lot of the century-old infrastructure underground was not where it was supposed to be. But, hey, our troll commentator hates streetcars. Don’t let facts get in the way.

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  4. Steve… There’s an “oops” on the title to this article….Update is misspelled.

    Steve: Eeek! Fixed! Thanks!


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