Dundas West Station Reconstruction (This Article Is No Longer Current)

Note: This article is based on the originally announced plans for Dundas West and these were subsequently revised. See the article at Dundas West Station Reconstruction (Revised).

The loop at Dundas West Station will see track replacement and reconfiguration of the 505 Dundas platform. There will be three stages to this work:

  • Early April: Special trackwork replacement on Dundas Street south from Edna Avenue (the north side of the station) including the station entrance.
  • Late April/Early May: Track replacement on Edna Avenue.
  • Mid May through June: Track replacement within the station and expansion of the 505 Dundas platform.

During the first stage, the southbound lanes of Dundas will be closed from Edna to Bloor.

During the first and second stages all transit traffic will be diverted as shown in the map below.

  • Routes 40 Junction and 168 Symington will divert to Lansdowne Station.
  • Route 504C King Shuttle will divert to High Park Station.
  • Route 505 Dundas will divert to High Park Loop.
  • Route 306 Carlton night car will divert to High Park Loop.
  • Route 312 St. Clair-Junction night bus will divert to Keele Station.
Route diversions for Dundas West Station reconstruction Stage 1 April 2022 (TTC)

During the third stage, service will return to Dundas West Station, but with an altered arrangement:

  • Routes 40, 168 and 312 will loop on street via Bloor, Dorval (one block west of Dundas) and Edna. They will drop off and pick up passengers at temporary on-street stops.
  • Route 504C King will continue to loop at High Park Station.
  • Route 505 Dundas and 506 Carlton schedules will be blended to provide even service at High Park Loop
  • Route 306 Carlton night will be converted to bus and will operate to Dundas West Station using the same on-street loop as as the daytime services.

With the realigned 505 Dundas loop track and platform, the overhead will be shifted to match the new setup.

Although a date for resumption of normal service has not been announced, one might reasonably expect that this would occur with the schedule change at the end of June 2022.

I will detail other service changes planned for March 27, 2022, in a separate article.

TTC’s webpage for this project is here. (This link has changed because the TTC updated the page to reflect the revised plans.)

10 thoughts on “Dundas West Station Reconstruction (This Article Is No Longer Current)

  1. Thank you for posting this! The TTC’s shiny new webpage still hasn’t managed to put the bus detour information up, let alone the map.

    Have details on what’s changing for the 505 platform been published?

    The TTC’s page for this project also mentions “Modifications (bump-out) to the eastbound streetcar stop on Dundas Street West just east of Roncesvalles Avenue.” If I understand it right, it’s not really _at_ Dundas West station, it’s just being done at the same time. Would you happen to have any more concrete information on this?

    Steve: No details on the platform, but I suspect the idea is to make it long enough to hold two cars as is now the case on the 504 platform. The stop at Dundas and Roncesvalles is of course somewhat south of the station, but it will get a bump out like its nearby cousin on Roncesvalles at Boustead.

    There is, by the way, a scheme to expand Broadview Station Loop to fit more streetcars on the platforms, but I have seen no details yet. That’s a project that would take place concurrently with track replacement on Broadview from Gerrard to Danforth.


  2. That’s a huge section of Dundas north of Bloor with no service. No way around this?

    Steve: The map does not show existing north-south services on Keele which are an alternative. To the east, the railway is a barrier that is not easily crossed.


  3. Anecdotally based on my few rides from subway to the Junction (disclaimer: off peak hours), ridership on the 40 does seem mostly bound to and from the Junction – not many people boarding or exiting on Dundas between Dupont and the subway station. I expect Keele, High Park, and Runnymede buses would be popular alternatives. Main impact would be on those looking to transfer to the 505.


  4. The Keele Station is not being used because ALL of the bus platforms are used up, and has gotten tight. Even the 189 STOCKYARDS bus does not use Keele Station as a terminal. Keele Station needs to be expanded.

    Too bad the old Bloor streetcar shuttle loop at Keele Station was sold off, after Line 2 was extended to Islington Station after 1968. It would have been useful these days.

    Maybe they can expand the transfer platforms south into the gasoline station and the low-density buildings towards Bloor Street West. Maybe to include a streetcar track extension from Howard Park Avenue for the 506 CARLTON streetcar, if possible (keeping the current High Park loop for emergencies).


  5. I remember when they relayed and cemented new tracks at Dundas West and then new long cars showed up soon after .


  6. Have you seen a detailed map of trackwork in the terminal? I read their notice and it is vague. I understand it expands one of the streetcar tracks to hold two of the articulated cars same as the other track. Is there any place to temporarily store an out of service car due to bunching, Operator unavailable, broken down car etc. Or, is the TTC doing its usual half-axx-ed job?

    Steve: No I have not seen a map, but doubt there is a track to store an out of service car. I’m not sure where they could put one.


  7. Thought the entire bus and streetcar layout was to be changed? Let me guess, being transit it was given the lowest possible budget. No more money, since it was for the horseless carriage.

    Couldn’t they negotiate with the developers of the northwest corner to use more space for a new bus and streetcar layout? If the McCaul loop could use the lower floors with the building above it, they could do the same at Dundas West Station.

    Steve: Metrolinx had a scheme for a complete redesign as a “mobility hub” that would actually made less space for streetcars and really only “worked” for the old CLRV-length vehicles. Entry and exit would have been ia a new traffic signal at Edna. It was a terrible design and, thank goodness, appears to have vanished from sight. There is no need to rebuild the entire station just to make room for longer streetcars on the 505, unless your name is Ford and wasting money is your object.

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  8. When I saw the headline, I was hoping the news would include a new entrance at the east end of the subway platforms that links Dundas West station to the Bloor GO and UP Express station. I believe the subway platforms reach east to within 30 metres of the GO platform.

    Steve: Metrolinx is working on it. The owner of the Crossways Building was being very unco-operative, and Metrolinx had to expropriate right-of-way through their parking garage. There have been plans for this for decades. and finally with the importance of linking GO/UPX to the BD subway, it’s finally going to be built.

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  9. Looks like they’re already delayed in starting. No sign of construction when I was by yesterday and all surface routes are there today according to the trackers.

    Steve: According to the TTC’s website, they will start on April 11.


  10. The link to the TTC webpage for this project is broken.

    Steve: This article has been replaced by a more up-to-date version. Also, web page address has changed. I have updated the articles accordingly.


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