Ontario Line Environmental Assessment Open Houses: Part II – North Section

This article continues a series reviewing the open houses held by Metrolinx about the Draft Environmental Impact Assessment Review (EIAR) for the Ontario Line. Here I will focus on the section of the route from Gerrard north to Eglinton (Science Centre Station), and in a third article to follow, I will review the southern section from Gerrard to Exhibition.

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The material here is organized by topic rather than in the order that questions were posed. Some topics and locations had no information beyond the basic Metrolinx presentation either because nobody asked, or because a pre-submitted question was not chosen by the moderator.

Although Metrolinx claimed that it would answer all of the pre-submitted questions through the meeting web pages, as I complete this article on March 11 few replies have been posted.

In my consolidation of the discussions, there are three sections tagged as below:

  • Q: A précis of the question asked (this might consolidate related questions).
  • A: A précis of the Metrolinx response
  • Comment: My comment on the Q&A, if any.

I make no excuses for whatever Metrolinx might have said, or omitted, in their answers. Nobody is quoted by name, but if anyone thinks I have misrepresented their position, please leave a clarification in the comments.

This is a long read condensed from about four hours of meeting recordings.

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