Believe It or Not, Dundas West is Open

Yesterday, I had the pleasure along with many others of actually riding a streetcar all the way from Broadview to Dundas West Station.  New track all the way, and finally there is no lineup of 505’s waiting to get into Broadview Station because they are so early.

Meanwhile, the TTC has a mixed message on the subject.

According to the Route Diversions page (linked from their Service Advisories), there is still only bus service west of Lansdowne, complete with a link to a Customer Notice.

Meanwhile on the Construction page (also linked from the Service Advisories), the notice correctly tells people that service has resumed to Dundas West Station.

The TTC has high hopes for consolidation of its web information via pages such as the Service Advisories.  Vital to such an effort is keeping the information consistent, accurate and up-to-date.  I will leave to others commentaries on web styles, typography and clarity of navigation.