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Over in the right hand of the screen, you will now see an option with a small a and a big A that you can use to adjust your font size for visiting this site.

Yes, I know, it only changes the font in the main column, not in the sidebar.

This should make life easier for folks using IE where, depending on their setup, they may get teeny-weeny characters until they adjust the font size manually.

Coming Soon …

Coming soon:

  • Analysis of the 29 Dufferin route:  I have now completed the background work of building the charts for this route and will begin posting comments over the weekend.  No surprises here to anyone who rides the route.  It may be run with ever so “flexible” buses, but the headways are unreliable just as on King Street. 
  • Analysis of the 7 Bathurst bus routes.
  • Analysis of the 510 Spadina and 511 Bathurst streetcar routes and the eternal question “How long does it take to get from the subway to Nassau Street”.
  • A review of vehicle allocations (CLRV vs ALRV) and the frequency of change-offs (cars replaced while in service due to assorted problems) on King and Queen.
  • An update on the Transit City plans.