Analysis of 508 Lake Shore Service

For those of you who have been wondering, this is the end of the series of posts analyzing service on 501 Queen and related routes.  Unless someone comes up with a really interesting question that deserves further public discussion here, I am now going to focus on other lines.  [You can stop cheering any time now.]

The Lake Shore Tripper, for those who don’t even know it exists, is a remnant of the old Long Branch to downtown service that was a rush-hour extension of Long Branch cars (before they were called route 507) to Church Street via Queen.  Inbound trips operated in the am peak, outbound in the pm peak.

When the Queen and Long Branch routes merged, this service disappeared, but in due course we got a new route, 508 Lake Shore running from Long Branch Loop to Church Street via King.  Three trips operate inbound in the am peak, and four in the pm peak, at least on the schedule.  This post looks at how these trips behave and how, for the am peak, they merge with the 501 Queen service on Lake Shore. Continue reading

Analysis of 503 Kingston Road Tripper (Updated)

In a previous post, I discussed the chaotic headway situation on the 502 Downtowner car.  Now, I will turn briefly to the 503 Kingston Road Tripper.

Updated Dec. 17 at 6:45 am:  Information about the combined 502 and 503 services on Kingston Road added.

For those who are unfamiliar with the service design for Kingston Road (the street), here is how things work between Queen Street and Bingham Loop (at Victoria Park). Continue reading