TTC Service Changes Effective Sunday, October 9, 2022

There are few service changes in the October schedules taking effect on Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.

Route 501 Queen streetcar service will be extended nominally to Sunnyside Loop, although pending completion of overhead in the loop, cars will circle Roncesvalles Carhouse instead. The last westbound and first eastbound stops will be on the east side of Roncesvalles at Queen. 501L bus service will continue to operate from Dufferin to Long Branch with a small reduction of service in some periods.

Some routes have added trips to serve school trips and other time-of-day specific demands (details in the linked spreadsheet):

  • 9 Bellamy
  • 25 Don Mills
  • 37 Islington
  • 42 Cummer
  • 84 Sheppard West
  • 96 Wilson

New express stops are added on:

  • 905 Eglinton East Express
  • 985 Sheppard East Express

Seasonal changes:

  • 86 Scarborough Saturday late evening service adjusted for earlier Terra Lumina closing time.
  • 172 Cherry Beach weekend service suspended (weekday service will operate until November 18).
  • 175 Bluffer’s Park service suspended.


  • 31B Greenwood to Eastern Ave service end-of-line location shifted west from Minto to Knox and Eastern.
  • 55 Warren Park adjusted to consistently leave Jane Station on the :15 and :45 after the hour.
  • 506 Carlton shifted from Roncesvalles Carhouse to Leslie Barns.
  • 600 Run As Directed crews reduced.


Here is the list of currently active construction projects affecting TTC service:

Here is the allocation of streetcar routes to carhouses:

Here is the scheduled streetcar service table:

Here is the scheduled bus service table:

Here is the table of buses running on streetcar routes:

17 thoughts on “TTC Service Changes Effective Sunday, October 9, 2022

  1. Where’s the off peak weekday and weekend service on 953 Steeles East Express? This was part of the 2021 Annual service plan and the TTC must have forgotten about it.


  2. Wow, quite a thin list considering October changes in the past have been significant (iirc about the Junction reorganization). Definitely interesting considering the number of things in the 2022 ASP that have yet to be implemented: extensions on the 8 and 118, and the new 150 Eastern Avenue route.


  3. I can’t believe that they don’t appear to have adjusted the 506 schedule for construction. They’ve known it’s broken since the beginning of August, when they failed to adjust it then.


  4. I find it interesting that the 172 seasonal service stops on weekends but continues on weekdays until mid-November. From casual observation (from the street) it seems busier on weekends.

    Steve: Well, we will be able to visit the new Cherry Street bridge for another month by transit. The weekday service might be an “ooops”. In past years it ended on Thanksgiving weekend too.


  5. With the opening of the temporary on street GO terminal at Scarborough Centre this past weekend I was wondering if they would add a stop on the 985 to serve it. It’s good to see they were proactive and actually did instead of waiting a couple months before realizing that they should.


  6. The 72 continues to get pretty close to the new bridge, just not over it :->

    Steve: The 172 is on the new bridge, but the 72 won’t be on the North Bridge until late spring 2023 when it opens.


  7. I notice that projected completion of KQQR phase 3 in TTC’s table is now “early 2023”. City website still says December 2022.

    As of October 1st, none of the platforms on Roncesvalles south of Howard Park were being worked on. Presumably they are waiting to time the start just before bad weather begins.

    At this rate I doubt we’ll see streetcars on Roncesvalles before summer 2023. June is technically “early 2023” right?


  8. Is it possible Sir/Ma’am to not change drivers/operators of 110C 4PM (bound to Islington Subway Station) at intersection of Islington Avenue & Evans Avenue as that is rush hour? At times, 6-10 minutes waiting time there. By that time, we are close or have arrived at the station already. Please and kindly change driver/operator at the Islington Subway Station instead? More than a dozen of us work at 222 Islington Avenue (RAB Design) and we rely on the TTC day in and day out. Thank you so much Sir/Ma’am.

    Steve: Of course I am not part of TTC Planning, but I know several staff there do read this blog. The problem of long waits for crew changes exists in many parts of the system, and several of them occur midway along a route (as in this case) to minimize travel time to/from the garage (Queensway in this case).


  9. Talk about dysfunctional service planning, I recently witness and realized how the 19 Bay peak runs enter service on Queens Quay. They totally avoid looping through the George Brown College on Dockside and just head northbound leaving many clueless students continuing to wait. Of course the buses just get stuck in traffic regardless. This whole area is just a mess right after 3pm.

    I sense that the 65 Parliament has deteriorate in service quality since the extension to George Brown. Traffic on Parliament south of King queuing onto westbound Gardiner along with traffic on Queens Quay barely moving westbound towards Yonge. I could imaging how erratic service on the 72B Pape and 172 Cherry Beach would be. Maybe we will see an article about service quality on this 65 Parliament extension in the future from you Steve?

    Steve: Thanks for the suggestion. I was down on Queen’s Quay recently stuck in that same traffic jam on the Pape bus. A review of all the routes running through there – Pape, Parliament, Bay and Sherbourne – would be worthwhile. There are also implications for the coming Gardiner/DVP link rebuild and the reconstruction of Queens Quay for the Waterfront East LRT.


  10. Traffic on Lake Shore and Queen’s Quay (and all the north-south streets from Simcoe to Parliament) has been dreadful for several months because Enbridge are installing a large new gas pipe under westbound Lake Shore. I think they are now just about done from Cherry to west of Yonge (the Road Restrictions map says it will end on 11 October) and they did the stretch west of Bay/Simcoe a while ago so this MAY be ending soon. If you are doing an analysis, you may want to wait until things are back to what passes for normal!

    Steve: I will look at October data to see if there is a big change mid-month.


  11. Steve said:

    Route 501 Queen streetcar service will be extended nominally to Sunnyside Loop, although pending completion of overhead in the loop, cars will circle Roncesvalles Carhouse instead.

    The TTC announcement on service adjustments for October 9 says:

    Streetcar service will continue to divert to Dufferin Gate Loop, due to ongoing track, overhead, and other infrastructure upgrades at the King-Queen-Queensway-Roncesvalles intersection.

    The UMO transit map shows 501 streetcars are still turning at Dufferin Gate Loop. It seems that the TTC has changed its mind about 501 streetcar service to Roncesvalles.

    Steve: Probably UMO/NextBus had not yet picked up the new schedules and GPS stop co-ordinates when you looked at it. It now shows no branch to Dufferin Loop, although streetcars are going there. I will be publishing a separate update on the status of various diversions soon.


  12. I sense that the 65 Parliament has deteriorate in service quality since the extension to George Brown. Traffic on Parliament south of King queuing onto westbound Gardiner along with traffic on Queens Quay barely moving westbound towards Yonge. I could imaging how erratic service on the 72B Pape and 172 Cherry Beach would be.

    The service on the 72B has been erratic for over 20 years ever since it was extended from Parliament loop to Union. When I was passing through the area several weeks ago I noticed that all four Sherbourne buses were down there. Two of them laying over on Jarvis and the other two in standstill traffic on Queens Quay waiting to turn on to Jarvis and join the layover line. It’s advertised as a 10 minute service by the way.

    Steve: 75 Sherbourne was erratic even before construction on Queens Quay. It is common to see buses running together first thing on a weekend morning when there is no traffic congestion at all.


  13. So much for 506 service through Church/Carlton returning in mid-October.

    The new service update that’s posted (effective on Thursday?) says it’s staying on Dundas from Parliament to Ossington until late 2022.

    Oddly the dataset for this board has the streetcars going down Bay. But at the same time as the replacement buses running on Carlton/College for the entire route, while they’ll be running on Harbord/Gerrard for the entire route. Nextbus predictions will be meaningless for buses.

    Steve: The decision to change the diversion design and fix it on a single route came very recently, and after the GTFS data for the new schedules had been published. Yes, NextBus and all of the dependent apps wil be utterly useless because much of the service will not be where the schedules claim it should. On top of that there is the problem with running time shortfalls thanks to greater congestion on Dundas than on the Carlton/College routing and the extra time needed to get to/from the route at each end of the diversion. I will be publishing an omnibus update on the various construction projects shortly.


  14. What divisions have 600 this board?

    Steve: Sorry about that. I had them in the spreadsheet and must have deleted them in error. I will update the list in due course. Stay tuned.


  15. The forever projects by TTC … moving backwards for over 100 years … No transit whatsoever going south or north from Queen Street and Roncesvalles and Queensway, and this has been going on for months, making it impossible getting around unless you’re on foot.

    The better way … I think Not!

    The attitude, the behavior, and the disrespect from most employees is evident. Not to say that the public are angels. They are not.

    The general public is not the best, but if no one changes attitudes nothing will ever change.

    Obtw — you’ll be awaiting along time for those 2 buses in a row to show up.


  16. The “501 Queen” route will operate with streetcars between Roncesvalles and the Neville Park loop, and shuttle buses between Dufferin Street and the Long Branch loop. That way, people traveling on this route are able to transfer from shuttle buses and streetcars, or vice versa, between Dufferin Street and Roncesvalles Avenue where both streetcars and shuttle buses run in tandem.

    Steve: I hate to break the news, but streetcars are still running to Dufferin, not Ronces, except on running in trips to the carhouse.


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