TTC 100th Anniversary Display

The TTC will host the final event in their centenary year on Saturday, August 20, 2022 at their Hillcrest site on Bathurst Street south of Davenport from 10am to 2pm. The event takes place in the employee parking lot south of the Gunn Building which is on the southwest corner at Davenport.

There will be static displays of vehicles and future plans, but the shops will not be open.

A free shuttle bus will take visitors to the Toronto Archives on Spadina north of Dupont where they can view the TTC 100 Years of Moving Toronto exhibit.

6 thoughts on “TTC 100th Anniversary Display

  1. Hi Steve.

    Just a few thoughts.

    The TTC ‘pop up’ shop is supposed to be there also, (get ready to bring your credit cards)..

    I’m kinda excited, as the event at Lower Bay, during “Doors Open” was of course, not wheelchair accessible & the ‘accessible’ version was pitiful & absolutely an afterthought, in comparison.

    Hopefully the fools from cptdb won’t ruin it for everyone else.

    See you there!


  2. My father is a retired operator out of Birchmount and he is contemplating going. I joked that he probably drove one of the “vintage” vehicles the TTC will have there.

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  3. Is the Peter Witt or a PCC going to give rides around Hillcrest? Better yet, from Bathurst Subway Station!

    Steve: No. Stationary exhibits only.


  4. If the Witt and PCC are not outfitted with pantographs they will remain stationary forever.

    Steve: There is no word yet on retrofitting pans to the historic fleet. A good question to ask at the event!


  5. A bit off topic. I thought that the overhead was designed and built to be able to accommodate both poles and pantographs. I had read this huge report the TTC put out on how the system would be built including the difficulties with St. Clair West and its overhead door.

    Steve: The conversion goes through a few stages.

    First, the overhead is converted to pan-friendly hardware so that the suspension at regular span wires is not directly attached, and the ears will not foul a pan passing underneath. At intersections, extra hardware is added to frogs so that a pan will pass under a frog while a trolley pole runs through as per normal. At this point, the overhead can be used by either mode, although there are wear issues for pans with contact wire that is not slewed right-to-left.

    In the next stage, the contact wire is slewed so that wear on the pans is spread over a good chunk of the carbons. This wire can be operated by trolley poles, but with problems of tracking and wear. At this point, poles are generally banned from the line.

    A further stage, often done when there is a major contact wire upgrade, is to install self-tensioning overhead with sections of contact wire terminating in spring loaded devices. These keep the contact wire at a constant tension as it expands and contracts with changes in temperature. Transitions between sections of the overhead are handled simply by overlapping the two sections of contact wire, and the pans slip from one to the other. This type of overhead is completely incompatible with poles. There are already installations of this type of overhead on St. Clair, Harbourfront and Dundas, for example.

    Finally, intersections are converted by removing frogs and the devices used to allow pans to co-exist with pole-based hardware. The contact wires overlap at frogs, and the pans slip from one to another as needed. The only remaining frogs are for 90 degree crossings to keep the two contact wires at the same elevation.


  6. TTC to have rides on antique streetcars (Peter Witt & PCC) at Hillcrest this Saturday as per BlogTO. Hope this is not “fake news”.

    I still say ought to be to/from Bathurst Subway Station! Separate fare with special transfers money goes to charity of TTC’s choice.

    Steve: I suspect BlogTO is overreaching. I asked TTC about this and it is static displays only. Nothing in their announcement suggests otherwise.


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