TTC Service Change Revisions for October 10, 2021

Previously announced service changes effective October 10, 2021 have been amended.

  • The reconstruction at Wilson Station that will displace routes from the lower level bus loop to a temporary area in the parking lot has been deferred to the schedule change in mid-November.
  • The reconstruction of track at Lake Shore and Kipling that would have required diversion of bus services has been deferred with no new date.

5 thoughts on “TTC Service Change Revisions for October 10, 2021

  1. FWIW, Councillor’s latest newsletter has the KQQR construction progressing to Stage 2 (Queen opened, King closed) in “the latter part of October”. Nobody around there will be holding their breaths though.


  2. Any idea why they are not using the North Terminal at Wilson instead of the parking lot?

    I recall once before when they did work on the bus terminal, they sent buses to the north terminal temporarily.

    Steve: Don’t know, although I suspect they are taking what, for them, is the simplest way.


  3. Steve, for the temporary loop at Wilson are you referring to the parking lot on the east side of the station with the entrance off of Wilson Heights? Wasn’t this parking lot used for temporary boarding during last round of construction at Wilson Station?

    Logistically if you use the loop in that parking lot you don’t need to alter routes 104/160 at all, while 29/929 would just need to go one more block on Wilson. To use the North Terminal, you would need to amend all of the routes and also clean out that North Terminal which by the looks of it is used for storage of service vehicles and assorted stuff.

    Steve: Yes, that’s the spot. Using it is much simpler than making the North Terminal operational.


  4. Steve, does TTC keep usage statistics of its parking lots and is that data available to you?

    Steve: I’m not sure, beyond counting revenue. The total shows up in the financial reports, but not subdivided by lot, let alone more fine-grained info such as time of day or length of stay.


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