Queen/Coxwell Reconstruction

Since the Labour Day weekend, the TTC has been rebuilding the special work at Queen and Coxwell.

This location is interesting because it also includes Coxwell-Queen Loop, with one of the tightest curves on the system, and an exit track that merges into the west-to-north curve.

4 thoughts on “Queen/Coxwell Reconstruction

  1. It looks as though they have added NA switches for the south Coxwell to west Queen switch as well as the west Queen to north Coxwell switch. I know that they have been changing manual switches lately when the special work gets replaced, it’s good to see these additions here. Of course it will take 1-2 years for Toronto Hydro to do their sign off…

    Appreciate the pictures Steve, thanks!

    Steve: Yes, I have noticed new switch boxes at all (or at least most) facing point installations recently. However, until the TTC actually launches into installation of new switch electronics, it’s hard to say which ones will actually have something in them. This is both an impediment to service and a health and safety issue for operators.

    Yes, Toronto Hydro can take their time, but I think they have been allowed to do so by less than enthusiastic pressure at the senior level.


  2. The switch at the loop exit is also interesting from the standpoint that it is the only one I know of in the entire system that has a fully-curved moving switch point through both merging rails. Everywhere else one leg of rail is always straight for at least the length of the point casting.


  3. The other interesting thing about the loop exit is that it and the westbound track on Queen form a gauntlet, where the loop’s left-hand rail crosses the tangent track’s right-hand rail, but does not meet the tangent track’s left-hand rail with points. I believe this too is unique in the whole system.


  4. I’m curious to how much that loop is used. Is it just a short-turn/hold-over point for the 506? Would there maybe be another configuration or location that would give it more utility? Streetcars can only go northbound from the loop right?

    Also, just east of there, at Queen and Kingston, do you know the plans for the Kingston platform? It looks like it’s too small for current accessibility standards, and widening doesn’t look possible at the moment since it’s wedged between the Queen tracks.

    Steve: I’m not sure whether the eastbound stop for Kingston Road service will be addressed before 2026, but at some point that intersection will be due for reconstruction.

    Coxwell-Queen Loop’s main advantage is that as a short turn for 506 Carlton, it saves time compared to running east to Woodbine Loop. It will be interesting to see a Flexity trying to lay over ther, not to mention making the sharp turn back north onto Coxwell.


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