TTC Service Changes Effective October 15, 2017

The service changes for the October-November period are relatively minor.

On the streetcar network, provisions for construction diversions on 505 Dundas and 506 Carlton end, but for 501 Queen and related routes a new project at McCaul plus the ongoing streetcar shortage leave service in that corridor with temporary schedules:

  • 501 Queen streetcars will operate from Neville to Roncesvalles, but they will divert via Church, King and Spadina for about three weeks during the reconstruction of the intersection at McCaul.
  • 501L Long Branch and 501M Marine Parade bus service continues as it was in September.
  • Bus trippers have been shifted from King to Queen where they will operate between Woodbine and Sunnyside.
  • Kingston Road services 502 and 503 continue to operate with buses.

The 511 Bathurst route continues to operate with buses although the introduction of Flexitys on 512 St. Clair is releasing CLRVs that could be redeployed elsewhere. How quickly streetcars will return to temporarily bused routes remains to be seen.

Although schedules for routes at the Renforth Station (formerly “Gateway”) were altered in September, this facility is not yet complete and routes continue to operate to their former termini.


2 thoughts on “TTC Service Changes Effective October 15, 2017

  1. October 15th is still only two months before the really big service changes when Line 1 extension opens into Vaughan. Just a little tweaking being done before the big event.


  2. Will there be any chance of an analysis of the revised 121/72 service in the future? Ideally comparing the current 121/ 72 service, the previous split 172/72 service, and the blended 72 to downtown service before all of that. (AND perhaps other time periods where there were different configurations)

    Steve: I have some 121 data, but have not been pulling it regularly. Whether the TTC plans any in depth analysis, I don’t know. There is no question that hooking up the eastern waterfront service with a line that runs through all the mess around the dome was not a good idea, but the TTC rarely acknowledges such mistakes.


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