TTC Service Changes Effective September 3, 2017

The September 2017 schedule changes primarily involve the reversal of summer service cuts to many routes with only minimal service improvements. This continues the TTC’s policy for 2017 of constraining service growth in the face of lower than budgeted ridership, as well as the shortage of vehicles.

Construction projects continue to affect route 501 Queen and will do so for many months to come:

  • Streetcar service is restored between Russell Carhouse (at Connaught) and Sunnyside Loop.
    • This will be affected in October when the intersection of McCaul and Queen is rebuilt requiring a diversion.
  • A bus shuttle will operate from River to Neville Park due to the reconstruction of the intersection at Coxwell and Queen.
    • This will also require the continued operation of buses on the 502/503 services on Kingston Road.
    • Through streetcar service to Neville Park will resume with the October schedules.
  • A bus shuttle to Long Branch will operate from Dufferin Loop, and Marine Parade will be served by its own local shuttle to Windermere.
    • Construction on The Queensway will prevent streetcars from operating to Humber Loop until the end of the year.
    • Streetcars will not operate west of Humber Loop to Long Branch until mid-2018.

With the return of ALRVs to the Queen route, 504 King will operate primarily with CLRVs, and the peak period trippers will mainly be buses, not streetcars. The effective capacity of the route will fall because of the lower capacity of CLRVs and buses versus the streetcars that have been used over the summer of 2017. This will be minimally offset by a small reduction in headways during all operating periods thanks to trimming of the running time. King cars now enjoy extended layovers leading to queues of vehicles at terminals thanks to an overly-generous schedule. The number of streetcars in service remains the same, but on slightly shorter headways.

New low-floor Flexity streetcars will be deployed on 512 St. Clair starting in September, subject to availability. The schedule will be based on CLRVs until new car deliveries reach the point where the line can be scheduled as a Flexity route.

The TTC plans to begin using Flexitys on 504 King late in 2017 subject to availability.

Between them, the King and St. Clair routes require about 60 CLRVs at peak. Allowing for some capacity growth with Flexitys, this translates to about 45 of the new cars, plus spares. It will be some time before both routes are converted, assuming Bombardier achieves their ramped up delivery rate in fall 2017. They are already slightly behind schedule with only two of three planned cars for July 2017 out the door in Thunder Bay, and they have not yet implemented the additional shifts/workforce to produce cars at a higher rate effective October 2017.

The northbound stop at Broadview & Danforth will be removed allegedly in the aid of transit priority signalling. In fact, this is a location where the substantial green time afforded to east-west traffic on Danforth makes the idea of “priority” for transit movements difficult to swallow. There is already an advanced green northbound for left turning motor traffic. Given the layovers now enjoyed by streetcars at Broadview Station, it is not clear just what this priority will achieve, but removing the stop will annoy the many riders who now use it. The southbound stop remains in service.

Other construction projects include:

  • 54 Lawrence East: Water main construction west of Victoria Park has completed.
  • Renforth Station opens: 32 Eglinton West and 112 West Mall are rerouted into the new regional terminal.
  • Kennedy Station: The schedule change to accommodate Crosstown construction is implemented for weekend service on 86 Scarborough.
  • Long Branch Loop: All buses will loop via the streetcar loop during reconstruction of the bus roadway.
  • 123 Shorncliffe: Additional running time to accommodate a City paving project.
  • 506 Carlton: The only remaining construction area/diversion is on College between Bathurst and Lansdowne. This will end in October.
  • 505 Dundas: The diversion between Bay and Church will end in late September or early October depending on progress of the road works east of Yonge.

The 400 Lawrence Manor and 404 East York Community Bus services will be extended. For details, see the TTC’s July 2017 update on these services.


13 thoughts on “TTC Service Changes Effective September 3, 2017

  1. Minor typo: • 504 Carlton: The only remaining construction area/diversion is on College between Bathurst and Lansdowne. This will end in October.

    Steve: Thanks. Will fix.


  2. Why no service west of Humber loop until the middle of 2018? The trackwork on the east end of Lake Shore can’t take that long. What else is going on for the next year?

    There’s supposed to be a cycle track installed on the south side of Lake Shore from Norris to First, but that’s supposed to be open by this fall.

    Overhead is being modernized at Long Branch loop, but that won’t take a year no matter how long they drag it out.

    Although, hmm, the Long Branch loop shelter took almost a year to reopen after the accident….the original date was end of 2016, and that kept being moved by a month or two until mid-May 2017.

    Steve: I suspect the controlling factor is the substation and new power feeds, although I think the TTC uses every opportunity to avoid running streetcars. By mid 2018, they will have Broadview shut down for reconstruction, and will have cars free to run Long Branch even if Bombardier doesn’t deliver any more units. Then in 2019, you lose streetcar service again for reconstruction of the Queensway east of Parkside plus the intersection at Ronces.


  3. I’m puzzled why new flexities aren’t deployed on King with the 504 routes high demand. One might think it a priority over St. Clair.

    Steve: I think there are multiple political priorities at work here, with St. Clair winning out thanks to the local councillor sitting on the TTC board.


  4. So essentially residents in South Etobicoke will have a nightmare getting anywhere in the neighborhood, let alone leaving the area no matter where they’re going:

    -Kipling Station will have major reconstruction to the roadway until March 2018
    -Royal York will have major reconstruction to the bus roadway until December 2018
    -Long Branch will have reconstruction until some point in 2018
    -Six Points will have major reconstruction until essentially 2020
    -Islington is virtually crumbling and will have reconstruction throughout various points of the foreseeable future
    -Kipling Avenue will have major road reconstruction and lane reductions until December 2017
    -Lakeshore Blvd will have lane reductions from Dwight to Superior until December 2017

    Although the coordination of all these projects is pretty well executed, the TTC has to do a better job of supplementing service in the area because this is ridiculous. Islington and the 501 are the two that immediately come to mind because if they keep the status quo this will easily add at least another 30 minutes to someone’s commute daily.


  5. To add to the fun, the Shorncliffe bus has its running time extended even more in the morning peak. I made the mistake of catching an early (just after 6 AM) Kipling-bound 123, scheduled at 58+2 minutes round trip (running+station time), and it moseyed along and took a few minutes rest at Sherway Gardens. I can’t imagine how slow the 73+7 minute schedule will make things. To put in perspective, the running time for 123 back before 2010 was about 22 minutes one-way. Now it’s almost 40 minutes.

    I feel sorry for the riders on Brown’s line, where the 123C comes infrequently during the day (every other bus is a 123D that only goes to Sherway), and the 110A service gets less frequent during rush hours since every other 110 to Long Branch is a 110B that uses Thirtieth and Lake Shore to get to the loop. You can almost say that Brown’s Line gets almost the same service at 3 AM (from the 315 Evans) as it does during AM and PM peak periods from 110A and 123C.


  6. The northbound stop on Woodbine at Danforth is also being yanked. I think the plan is to get rid of any stop at Bloor/Danforth that has a bus platform nearby…


  7. So what bus divisions would operate the 501 Queen shuttle?


    • 501R: Eglinton
    • 501L: Primarily from Mount Dennis and Queensway, with peak runs from Wilson (same as March 2017 schedules)

    Also would 511 Bathurst use the ALRV or CLRV during this period?

    Steve: This is not specified in the schedule announcement for September. If they revert to last September’s service design, it will be CLRVs.


  8. Having longer layovers at terminal stations and eliminating the northbound stop at Danforth means more customers will be forced to exit streetcars stuck just north of the Danforth, creating potentially dangerous situations or trapping customers in streetcars. I’ve been stuck just outside Broadview for at least 10 minutes several times and if I see a line of streetcars up ahead I’ll get off at Danforth to avoid this.

    Eliminating the Erindale and/or southbound Danforth stop make much more sense than getting rid of the northbound stop, which I rarely see used on a green light. Most people who get off there do so when the light is red, so its not really slowing anything down.

    Steve: And as an extra touch, Presto probably will charge you an extra fare for entering the subway station.


  9. Steve: And as an extra touch, Presto probably will charge you an extra fare for entering the subway station.

    When I was a student going to my summer job, I missed a Royal York South bus by seconds. The bus had just closed its doors and refused to stop for me though the driver clearly saw me. I ran to the southwest corner of Royal York and Bloor and reached the stop before the bus. The driver told me that this was not a proper transfer point from the subway. He refused to move the bus unless I got off – making all the other passengers suffer. I got off – but after 40 years I have not forgotten his petty meanness.


  10. Back after a hiatus from your site but only for one question as I work in the area and only recently saw the development of the Renforth/Skymark transit area.

    Any reason why Renforth Gateway was not designed as a terminal but a BRT side platform station? The design does not lend any form of utility for routes terminating at the Gateway itself. If someone wanted to transfer from one route to another via the gateway, they would have had an inconvenient walk to do so. Was thinking that the design would be more similar to the Square One terminal, and not the current configuration. Or they could have had both, which is a configuration on many OC Transpo transitway stations.

    Steve: I believe that the Gateway (which is now merely called “Renforth Station”) is not seen as a terminal in its own right, but as part of a corridor for routes that will eventually terminate at an airport hub. I have my doubts we will ever see such a hub, but YYZ has dreams of grandeur.


  11. The CNE is just around the corner -it begins Friday, August 18 – and large numbers of people will be choosing to take public transit. The TTC will increase service on the venerable “511 Bathurst” streetcar route, a popular choice for those going to the CNE. During the 18 days each year the CNE runs, there’s a distinctive ambiance on the “511 Bathurst” streetcar when the CNE is on, the high-spirited excitement of the passengers aboard a southbound streetcar on this route. I notice it when I’m riding the streetcar to the CNE.

    In recent years there’s been an influx of immigrants from Latin American countries, Venezuela in particular. Sunday’s the traditional day for Venezuelan families to go out together; and I’m sure that one place they’ll go to will be the CNE (for some of their Sunday outings), and they’ll be taking the TTC (“511 Bathurst” streetcar) to get there.

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