Analysis of 504 King: Part V – Saturday, December 9, 2006

Weather:  Windy and cold in the morning

Service on this date shows quite a number of short turns whose primary purpose seems to be to re-space cars that could probably have reached the end of the line.  Particularly notable is the long terminal times by cars that do make their full trips indicating that much recovery time is available and some short-turns may be premature.

Two long delays in Parkdale at 12:20 and 17:45 contributed to these short turns, but do not explain all of them.

There is a slight club district effect westbound late in the evening.

Particularly striking are the highly erratic headways despite only occasional disruptions in link times.  This suggests that the problem is not one of congestion, but of proper headway management.  Riders receive poor service, for the most part, because it just runs that way.  Nobody is minding the store.

King Dec 9 Graphic Timetable

King Dec 9 Headways Westbound

King Dec 9 Headways Eastbound

King Dec 9 Link Times Westbound

King Dec 9 Link Times Eastbound