Who’s In Charge at Kipling Station?

[Since the Star has hotlinked my site from their article, it might be nice if there was actually some content here for any visitors to read.  Hence this piece.]

Today, Queen’s Park announced that GO Transit would fund the construction of a regional terminal at Kipling Station for joint use by GO and Mississauga Transit.  Amusingly, this project was not part of MoveOntario, but, like many other bits and pieces, was overlooked in the rush to put together Dalton McGuinty’s transit plan.

Oddly, nobody from the City or TTC was at the announcement even though the new terminal will sit on their land.  The TTC design for a new Kipling Station came out late last year, and it’s hardly news.  All we were waiting for was funding, and that arrived today.  However, Queen’s Park seems only concerned with the regional part of the project and it remains to be seen how the City/TTC portion, which includes redevelopment of some lands at Islington, will fit into everything. Continue reading

Michael Warren’s Words of Wisdom (Updated)

The Globe and Mail carried an online commentary by Michael Warren, the man who originated the position of Chief General Manager at the TTC.

Warren was hired after a lengthy, bitter strike that the Commission felt was triggered by poor bargaining by their own management.  The Commission wanted their own man in charge (the strike cost then-Chair Karl Mallette his seat on Scarborough Board of Control), and Michael Warren was the one to do their work.

However, it didn’t quite work out that way. Continue reading