Analysis of 504 King: Part III – Friday, December 1, 2006

In the previous post, I used Christmas Day as a fairly straightforward example of the data analysis from the King route.  Now, I will turn to an example of a very bad day for service, December 1.  The weather was “rain, heavy at times” according to Environment Canada.

This is probably the worst day in the month both for weather and for disorganized service with the possible exception of Friday, December 22 which I will present in a later post.

Headways are chaotic through the day and link times are more spread out than we see on weekends.  This state of affairs exists from the beginning of the morning service, and some very large gaps occur beyond the common short turn points of Roncesvalles WB and Parliament EB.

At around 09:00 there is a major delay westbound between Jarvis and Yonge causing a gap of roughly 30 minutes westbound.  This gap echoes back across the line and shows up at Broadview as a 20 minute gap at about 10:20.  The problem is not really sorted out until after 12:00.

For the early afternoon, most service operates between the terminals, but it is erratically spaced.  Link times are fairly consistent.

At around 16:00 pm, serious congestion appears westbound through Parkdale possibly because of problems on the Gardiner Expressway.  Starting at about 15:30, the link time from Fraser to Jameson rises from its typical value of around 4 minutes to over 10 minutes, gradually returning to normal between 18:00 and 19:00.  From Jameson to Marion westbound, link times rise from 4 minutes to a sustained value of over 20 minutes.

During the same period, there is a much smaller increase in the link time southbound on Roncesvalles from Bloor to Marion, and from Marion east to Jameson.

A serious problem at Broadview Station blocked all service from about 16:45 to 17:50.  During this period, all service was short-turned at Parliament or Church.

Traffic through the core is quite congested in the PM peak with the link time from Peter to Yonge eastbound rising from an average of 6 minutes to over 15 between 16:00 and 19:00 with the peak at 17:54.

The westbound observations are different.  Link times show a pattern that will appear on many days through the month with congestion in the theatre and club district west of University Avenue.  The Yonge to Peter link westbound shows two peaks at 19:31 and at 22:55.

Through the early evening, a lot of short turns occur at Roncesvalles, Dufferin, Church and Parliament.  Although headways are preserved, roughly speaking, in the middle of the line, service at the terminals is irregular.

King Dec 1 Graphic Timetable

With the very disorganized service, the headways, even the moving averages, are all over the map.  However, what really shows up is the headways beyond the common short turn points.  Erratic service downtown becomes much worse north of Roncesvalles Carhouse.  Compare the headway charts for Jameson (in Parkdale) and Marion (just north of Queen).

The problem is not as acute in the east end because there are fewer short turns at Parliament or Church.

King Dec 1 Headways Westbound

King Dec 1 Headways Eastbound

The link time charts show the location and times of the problems. 

The westbound delays between 09:00 and 10:00 through the core show up as extended link times from River to west of Yonge.  Eastbound, there are some small congestion effects, but nothing major.

In the afternoon ane evening, things are much different.  Between Yonge and Peter (west of the club district), westbound link times rise gradually through the pm peak, but really take off in the early evening (theatres going in) and late evening (theatres coming out).  This effect is not as marked on some days, and what we can see here in part is the interaction of the weather (an occasional problem) with the regular evening congestion (a predictable problem).

The eastbound link times through the core behave differently.  The segment from Peter to Yonge eastbound doubles from the usual 7 minutes to around 14 peaking just after 17:30.   Very long link times appear at the east end of the line corresponding with a major delay at the end of the pm peak.

Also in the late afternoon we can see the effect of a foul-up on the Gardiner Expressway on westbound link times through Parkdale.  From Fraser to Jameson, they rise from the usual value of about 4 minutes to a peak of around 12.  From Jameson to Marion, the usual 4 minutes rises to a peak of 24!  There is no comparable effect eastbound.

King Dec 1 Link Times Westbound

King Dec 1 Link Times Eastbound