The GTTA Lives On The Web!!

Astounding as it may seem, the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority has finally gone live with a website.

It’s a temporary site, and they promise great things to come.  I can’t help contrasting this with the way the TTC handled both the Transit City and My New Streetcar launches with sites up and running the day each announcement came out.

Possibly we are still suffering from the cutbacks of the Harris era and the load of stone tablets didn’t make it to the GTTA offices because they were stuck in traffic.  In any event, there is some preliminary mention of the MoveOntario funding announcement although, of course, no sense of project sequence or priority because the GTTA didn’t have anything to do with putting the announcement together.

Let’s hope that the GTTA finds its way soon.

4 thoughts on “The GTTA Lives On The Web!!

  1. You’ve gotta love the work they put into the french page. Nevertheless, it’s good to see this. Hopefully it will put a friendly face on for all those people who aren’t exactly sure what the GTTA is going to do.


  2. I went to the Board information area and only one pdf Agenda would open and the rest of the files returned with an error message of File damaged and could not be repaired.

    I did email to inform them.

    The next meeting skips June and is in July .

    I thought they agreed on having the meetings in Markham and the website says they are in various locations.

    Which is it?

    Gee I wonder if I should try to get a job with them because my own Transit Nightmare I don’t think will be addressed anytime soon.
    Will you be my reference? 🙂


  3. Wow, that is an amazingly amateurish website. School’s just about out, couldn’t they find a 12 year old to design a better one for them? this is embarassing, but fairly typical looking for a government run website… 10 years ago. Again I’ll contrast the big, impressive splashy announcement on the Premier’s personal soapbox-website about MO:2020.


  4. There’s a GTTA retreat this weekend — not sure where.

    The second GTTA meeting was at Markham Civic Centre, and after allowing two hours for the trip from Runnymede north of Bloor, via two subway lines and two VIVA lines, I was still late. The connection wait times were average.

    I wonder how many attendees came by transit… Giambrone also arrived late.

    The third meeting was at Toronto City Hall, in a cramped committee room.

    I have not asked specifically, but my impression is still that locations will vary. Holding the meetings in downtown Toronto ensures that a greater number of attendees and board members will arrive by transit. Conversely (perversely?) when the agency most responsible for transit coordination convenes in 905, I bet most will drive there.

    On another angle, I note the reference to Advisory Committees:


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