Revue Cinema to Re-Open in August

This post is for my readers from afar who follow news of Toronto’s cinemas.

The Revue Cinema building has been purchased by a friendly “angel” and opening is planned for August 2007.  For more information, please see the North Roncesvalles Blog.

4 thoughts on “Revue Cinema to Re-Open in August

  1. Nobody has commented yet, so I will. I really hope that whatever elements were salvaged from the Revue’s marquee after it collapsed this past winter will be restored on a rebuilt marquee. The glowing neon “R” always made me happy as I rolled by on the streetcar, whether I was headed to the theatre or not.

    I also hope Colin Geddes re-starts Kung Fu Fridays, but perhaps it’s better not to ask for too much.


  2. I used to work at the Revue, and react emotionally whenever I go by it on the 504.

    At those times when there’s a strong attachment to a particular outcome, I find myself saying: “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

    A sort of mental game used to ward off disappointment, I suppose…

    This same statement is often uttered by transit advocates after new announcements of promised infrastructure — based on previous experience. Interesting that the news of MoveOntario and this came so close together.

    I signed up for the Revue Film Society’s e-mailing list via:


  3. Hi:

    This is to say thanks to Steve for keeping the Revue front and centre, hi to Ed, who I used to work with at the Revue, and to answer Andrew’s question about the marquee.

    We did rescue the big “R” and the two neon “Revue” signs from the marquee. The rest was simply unsalvageable. We would like to resurrect the marquee at some point, and hopefully we will incorporate those original elements.

    For up-to-date info, please visit our website at

    See you at the movies,

    Keith Denning
    Revue Film Society


  4. I bought a membership and 5-movie card, and saw “Rocket Science” last night. There’s still the smell of paint in the air…


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