MoveOntario 2020 : General Comments

In the interest of breaking up the long thread on MoveOntario, I am setting up various subsections where comments can be left on related topics.  Comments left in the original thread, or in an inappropriate thread in the new scheme, will be moved to their proper place.  Yes, this makes for more work on my part, but you can help by leaving your comment in the correct stream.

This thread will be used for comments that don’t fit anywhere else or talk about the announcement in general.

MoveOntario 2020 : GO Transit Section

With the growth in the comment string on the original post, it’s getting rather unwieldy.  Therefore, I am setting up new subsections to continue the threads on separate major topics.

This one is for GO Transit.  Any comments related to GO that are left on the other thread will be copied into this item.  In a few days, I will close off comments in the old thread on the assumption that everyone will have relocated to this one.

I have not yet decided whether to have a thread just for Swan Boats since Dalton didn’t announce any funding for them.