Greetings for 2007

Here we are on New Year’s Day, although as I write this the effects of a wonderful dinner and bubbly wine (not the genuine article, but bubbly all the same) are limiting my ability to write long complex posts.

I just wanted to wish all of my readers the best for 2007 with the hope that those of you who are in a position to improve transit in Toronto and the GTA will actually do so.  Let’s not wind up a year from now staring at the same problems and wondering how the TTC and the City are ever going to solve them.

Transit can be better if only we will give it the political and financial priority it deserves.

3 thoughts on “Greetings for 2007

  1. Happy new year, Steve.

    With the new articulated subway trains on their way, would it be feasible to add extra cars to the end of the train, which don’t reach the loading platform, and don’t have functioning doors, but add the extra room for additional riders?

    Presuming, of course, it is not seen as an excuse to reduce frequency, could this address peak-hour capacity concerns in the near future?

    Steve:  This has been discussed before.  An “extra” car could only be 50 feet long because the trains are already 450 out of the 500 foot station length.  This would be an oddball car in the consist, and although it would probably be a trailer.  The real problem is that the extra capacity is actually added at the extreme ends of the train.  It will get used in a pinch, but remember that the current order for new cars is not enough to even completely equip the Yonge line, and there will still be some “old” 450-foot T1 trains mixed in during the peak period.  This will discourage people from waiting at the ends of the platforms.  A further problem is precision stopping which would require full automatic train operation in the manner of Skytrain in Vancouver.

    I’m repeating myself a bit here, but we are treating the symptom, not the problem, when we try to increase capacity on the Yonge line.  The real question is why does that line have so many long-haul riders on it for whom extra capacity is needed?  Is there another way to get them downtown thereby shaving the top off of the peak demand and providing an alternative path or paths in the network?


  2. thanks to you and your various readers/commenters Steve as hard info means better perspectives, and yes let’s hope we can move all of us along in 2007 in a better way.


  3. Happy new year to you too, Steve. You’re doing a great job with this website/blog and if it weren’t for you, I would know so much less about the TTC! Let’s hope 2007 will bring good things for our city’s transportation system.


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