GTTA On the Web?

One of my correspondents, Tom B., wrote:

Does Mr. MacIssac have an email address?  You should email your posting to him!

The Great and Powerful Greater Toronto Transit Authority does not seem to have a web presence yet.  Type in GTTA to Google, and you will get the Guernsey Table Tennis Association.  It shows just how important this agency is when the Government of Ontario can’t be bothered to ensure it has a web presence from day 1.  Other than a few press releases, the agency might as well not exist.  Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

Meanwhile, the domain is owned by someone in Quebec (although the registration mistakenly has “ON” for a Quebec postal code), and the technical contact is an outfit called “ID Theft Protection” in the Cayman Islands.

The amateurs at Queen’s Park might want to think about protecting domain names before they create agencies.

I trust that someone at the GTTA owns a computer and is already monitoring this website.