Subway Art: Watercolours by Sigmund Augustus Serafin

Many years ago, the TTC was cleaning house at 1900 Yonge and a lot of old stuff was heading to the garbage can.  The combined efforts of various fans saved some material that would otherwise have been lost thanks to Ted Wickson, now retired from the TTC, who alerted people to what was happening.

I took custody of eight watercolours of proposed station designs for the University and Bloor-Danforth subway lines painted in 1957 and 1958 by Serafin.  Recently, for the Bloor subway’s 40th birthday, I brought them out of storage and was amazed at their excellent condition.

James Bow’s site at Transit Toronto has many galleries, and it seemed a more appropriate location to display the paintings than here.  If you want to see them, follow this link to Transit Toronto.

One thought on “Subway Art: Watercolours by Sigmund Augustus Serafin

  1. Hello!

    Next to our dinner table hangs a lovely watercolor entitled “Spring Snow” by the artist Serafin. On a lark, I “googled” Sigmund Augustus Serafin and found your entry here. I followed your link to the subway painting and, indeed, the artist’s signature is the same. We acquired our watercolor from a gallery in Stratford in the early 80s, I believe, and I have always wondered about the artist as we are so very fond of the painting. Thank you for posting even this briefest bit of information about him…



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