Who Will Ride the York University Subway?

The subway juggernaut continues on its way with plans for an extension of the Spadina line northwest to York University. The Environmental Assessment completed recently, and all of the documents are available here. The discussion below is based on information contained in Appendix M regarding travel demand.

I say juggernaut, but really Toronto’s relationship to subway plans is more like a drug addict. We can’t afford them, the lines we want to built don’t do very much for the system overall, but we always want just one more, and we are willing to steal money from any other worthwhile transit project to pay for it.

For decades, planners have told us that subways need high density, concentrated development, but that’s not what we built. Now we have a city and region that need a web of transit services, not a few lines here and there. What’s the current focus? Subways.

Well, let’s have a look at the York University subway extension and see who will use it according to the TTC’s own projections. Continue reading