TTC Cattle Cars: Why Do TTC Engineers Love Bench Seating?

The TTC has done quite a job of massaging press coverage for its planned order of new subway cars.  The new cars will run as unified trains with the ability to walk through the entire train as one continuous unit.  This is expected to add about eight percent to train capacity.

You can look at two posts on this scheme here: transit.toronto

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Flights to Nowhere

There are times in my life of transit activism that I get really paranoid.  The era of a certain litigious former Chief General Manager was a time when I was not exactly welcome around the TTC and staff who were suspected of consorting with me were persona non grata.

Now life is much better, but I can’t help wondering if there is a special crew whose job it is to ensure that the escalators I use every day are not running a lot of the time.  Not under repair, just stopped.  I can’t be that unlucky, can I? Continue reading