About me

Who is Steve Munro and why should you read my stuff?

Well, let’s take the second question first.  I hope that you’re reading this site because you are interested in transit (or any other topic I happen to take on) and its role in making Toronto a great city.  You may not agree with everything I say, and I’m more than happy to listen to alternate opinions.  In fact, there are some issues where I really can’t take a hardline position on one side or another.  That’s one of the things that make a city work:  that people care enough about it to discuss what we do well now, what we screwed up in the past, and where we should go in the future.  That discussion, the exchange of ideas is what’s important so that we can build a better city.

Now if we happen to do so with more of my ideas than the contrary ones, I will grin and be happy. Continue reading