Construction on Broadview, Gerrard/Coxwell, Main Station and Queen East

The City of Toronto, TTC and Metrolinx will be undertaking four five major projects in the east end through the spring, summer and fall:

  • Sewer work, track and road reconstruction on Broadview Avenue from north of Gerrard to Danforth. This will include expansion of the streetcar loop at Broadview Station to relieve queuing on Broadview by streetcars waiting to enter.
  • Water main and track replacement at Lower Gerrard & Coxwell.
  • Paving work at Main Station.
  • Rail overpass construction for the Ontario Line at Queen and Degrassi.
  • Repair of the Queen Street bridge at the Don River.

This will result in major changes to streetcar and bus routes.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to stand on any street corner in the east end and explain to confused strangers where their streetcar or bus might be operating today.

Updated April 17, 2023 at 5:50am: A reader has pointed out a route change that appears on some of the maps in the Main Station presentation deck but which has not been announced anywhere else. The TTC proposes to extend the 8 Broadview east to Warden Station apparently replacing that branch of 70 O’Connor.

Updated April 28, 2023 at 7:40am: A link has been added to a second TTC Main Station page which speaks only of the changes effective May 7, and to the TTC’s Broadview Construction page.

Effective May 1, 2023:

  • 501 Queen cars will divert via Broadview, Dundas and McCaul. This is an interim arrangement due to the combined effect of work at the Don Bridge on Queen and the Ontario Line at Queen & Yonge.

Effective May 7, 2023:

  • Streetcar service to Broadview Station will be replaced by a 504/505 shuttle running from King & Parliament. This is similar to a service operated during water main construction on Broadview. This will last until mid-June when it will be replaced by an extension of 72A Pape described later in this article.
  • All 504 streetcar service will terminate at Distillery Loop. (Service over the full route west to Dundas West Station will be restored at the same time.)
  • Due to construction at Coxwell & Lower Gerrard and at Main Station, the east end of the 506 Carlton route will be replaced with buses operating from Castle Frank Station to Victoria Park Station. (Note that Castle Frank Station is not accessible.)
  • 506 Carlton cars will divert to Woodbine Loop at Queen & Kingston Road. They will operate between Parliament and Broadview eastbound on Gerrard and westbound on Dundas due to track constraints (the TTC forgot to add a north-to-west curve at Broadview & Gerrard during its last reconstruction).
  • 505 Dundas cars will divert to Bingham Loop at Kingston Road & Victoria Park. They will replace the 22A Coxwell bus service that normally serves Kingston Road evenings and weekends. There has not been evening and weekend streetcar service on Kingston Road for over 50 years. Correction: The 506 operated to Bingham Loop for a time in 2006 as a reader has flagged in the comments.

The TTC will expand Broadview Station Loop to the east so that two Flexity streetcars can fit on the 505 Dundas platform as is already the case for 504 King cars. This will require expansion of the loop into the existing Toronto Parking Authority lot as well as installation of track on Erindale Avenue east of the existing loop exit.

Expanding the loop releases some space at the current loop exit which could be consolidated with the adjacent parkette as shown on the drawing. I have asked the City to clarify whether that is the intent.

First will come work on Broadview and on Erindale outside the station with the reconstruction of track tentatively planned for mid June to mid July. The affected area will be completely closed to traffic.

During this period, transit service at Broadview Station will be restructured as shown in the map below. From June 18 through the summer:

  • There will be no transit service on Broadview between Danforth and Gerrard.
  • 501 Queen, 505 Dundas and 506 Carlton services will operate as described above.
  • The 504/505 bus shuttle will be replaced by an extension of 72A Pape west via Queen and King to Parliament Street.
  • The 8 Broadview and 62 Mortimer buses will be interlined, but they will not run south to Broadview Station.
  • The 100 Flemingdon Park bus will be diverted to Pape Station.
  • Only the 87 Cosburn bus will serve Broadview Station. Looping arrangements have not been announced and will probably change on an ad hoc basis as construction progresses.

A separate map in the Main Station construction project deck (see below) shows changes in bus service in the Port Lands:

  • In addition to the 72 Pape service to King & Parliament, the 72C 72B branch which normally serves Union Station via Queens Quay will terminate on Cherry south of Commissioners (the exact location is not clear because the map is cut off).
  • Route 519 (a rather fanciful early implementation of the Harbourfront East LRT’s route number) will operate from downtown (presumably Union Station) to Leslie Barns at Commissioners & Jones.

Updated April 17, 2023 at 5:50am:

This map also includes extension of 8 Broadview to Warden Station presumably replacing the 70C branch of the O’Connor bus. This is different from the proposed reorganization in the 2023 Annual Service Plan which would have seen the 70C become a separate route 114 St. Clair East, as well as a past-year’s proposal to extend the 8 Broadview south to Coxwell Station.

The overall Broadview project stretches from north of Gerrard to Danforth in various phases.

  • Phase 1: July 4 to early August. Victor to Sparkhall track replacement and reconstruction of Montcrest Blvd.
  • Phase 2: Mid August to late September: Sparkhall to north of Danforth track replacement
  • Phase 3: Late September to early October: Gerrard to Victor track replacement
  • Phase 4: Early October to end of November: Resurfacing of Broadview Avenue from Gerrard to Danforth. This will occur in two stages with work initially on the west side and then switching to the east side. Only northbound traffic will be allowed during this phase.

Parking will be banned on Broadview from Danforth to Gerrard during this work.

Coxwell & Lower Gerrard Reconstruction

The project at Coxwell & Lower Gerrard is shorter, and it will run in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Early May to mid-June: Water main replacement. This will have two stages occupying first the northwest corner, then the southwest corner of the intersection. The area will remain open for traffic.
  • Phase 2: Mid-June to late July: Track replacement. This will require full closure of the intersection including 50m on the north, west and south approaches.

The service arrangements for the Coxwell/Gerrard project are shown in the maps below.

On the left is the Phase 1 configuration where transit services will operate through the construction site.

  • As discussed above, the 506 Carlton bus will operate on Gerrard,
  • the 506 Carlton streetcar will be on Queen to Woodbine Loop, and
  • the 505 Dundas car will run on Queen and Kingston Road to Bingham Loop at Victoria Park.

On the right is the Phase 2 configuration.

  • The 506 Carlton bus will divert around the construction site via Greenwood, Danforth and Coxwell.
  • Route 22 Coxwell and a portion of the 322 Coxwell Blue Night service will be suspended. The alternate configuration of night bus service has not yet been announced.
  • Route 31 Greenwood will be extended east via Eastern Avenue and Queen to Woodbine Loop to preserve a connection from Queen/Coxwell to the Danforth subway. (Note that this route already serves Coxwell Station due to construction at its home station, Greenwood.)
  • There will be no service on Coxwell between Queen and Upper Gerrard, nor on Gerrard between Greenwood and Coxwell.

Queen-Degrassi Metrolinx Work

Work by Metrolinx on the first stage of reconfiguring the rail overpass at Queen & Degrassi will interrupt streetcar service during July-August 2023.

  • Route 501 Queen will continue to operate on Dundas Street west of Broadview, but it will divert north to Gerrard, then east and south via Coxwell to route. Note that this assumes that the Coxwell-Gerrard track work will be completed in time for late July schedule changes.
  • The 501B Queen shuttle bus will be extended east from Broadview to Coxwell.
  • Route 505 Dundas will continue to operate to Bingham Loop, but will run via Broadview, Gerrard and Coxwell to Queen.
  • Route 506 streetcars will be restored east of Broadview, but they will continue to terminate at Woodbine Loop.
  • Route 506C buses will operate from Victoria Park Station to Coxwell-Queen via Gerrard and Coxwell.
  • Route 519 buses will operate to Leslie Barns from downtown.
  • Route 72C Pape buses will operate south on Cherry from Commissioners.

Main Station

Paving work at Main Station causes all bus and streetcar service to be replaced/rerouted effective May 7, 2023:

  • 23 Dawes, 62 Mortimer, 64 Main, 87 Cosburn, 113 Danforth, and 135 Gerrard will serve Main Station, but will stop on street outside of the station.
  • 20 Cliffside will be shortened to Victoria Park Station.
  • 62 Mortimer will be extended to Victoria Park Station.
  • 506C Carlton buses will operate to Victoria Park Station.

This work will last until September 1, 2023.

Links to City and TTC Pages

28 thoughts on “Construction on Broadview, Gerrard/Coxwell, Main Station and Queen East

  1. Will the King & Parliament work be taking place concurrently with Coxwell & Gerrard? A previous post indicated the dates for that work were to be June 18 – July 29.

    Steve: There does not appear to be anything scheduled for King-Parliament now.


  2. We need to continually invest in our legacy streetcar network to ensure it is viable and vibrant throughout the current century and into the next!


  3. “505 Dundas cars will divert to Bingham Loop at Kingston Road & Victoria Park. They will replace the 22A Coxwell bus service that normally serves Kingston Road evenings and weekends. There has not been evening and weekend streetcar service on Kingston Road for over 50 years.”

    The last time there was evening and weekend service on Kingston Road was 19 years ago in 2006 – I remember this as it was a direct route for me to get to U of T for grad school during my last term.

    I now take the 503 to work in the financial core but will have to find another way as with this construction there isn’t even a one transfer way from Bingham Loop to Bay and King anymore.

    Steve: Aha! There was a more recent instance. Thanks for catching this. I will update the article.


  4. How can it take four months to pave Main Station?

    Steve: There are probably structural repairs to be done under the pavement. This has been a problem at several bus loops from this era.


  5. Woodbine is no picnic these days with Metrolinx’s overpass construction. There is a real shortage of north-south streets in the east end that breach the LSE corridor.


  6. It looks like the bus platform at the east end of the terminal (currently used by 62) will be removed to accommodate the new streetcar tracks. Do you know if it will be replaced or will they just make do with 4 remaining bus platforms? It does look like there is some space at the east end to fit one facing the same direction as the others.

    Steve: Judging by the plan, they will make do with the four that remain.


  7. The eastern portion of that 519 route looks mighty useless. Why not bring it up north to where people actually live/work and loop via the current 72A, 31B, or 22A routings? There’s not enough road space up there for them to be resting a dozen buses waiting for their next trip like at Long Branch but frankly that’s a good feature.


  8. I think you meant the 72B branch to Union will not operate. The 72C is the current branch to Cherry/Commissioners but it seems like it will loop further south.

    This is probably a good thing considering how the 72B is always stuck in traffic somewhere downtown in rush hour.

    Steve: Thanks for catching that. I will fix the text.


  9. So the TTC will still be running during these months?

    Steve: There will be lines on the map. How well the service operates is quite another matter.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. The TTC should be able to update the route and system maps on their website within 24 hours, to reflect the changes required for the day or week or period of construction. Even parades or such. Keep the original route as a “faded” line, along with a small forecast completion date (insert chuckle here).

    However, to do so would require the hiring of a graphic designer or two. Something that the TTC cannot do, with it’s current state of underfunding.

    Steve: It’s a tad more complex. Judging by the way the site behaves, different parts of it are the responsibility of different groups who are not necessarily “in sync” on updating their portions. There is also some functionality related to automatic linking of articles to the affected routes so that riders do not have to look under many rocks to find information. This is as much an organizational problem as one of staffing.

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  11. Steve said: “Judging by the way the site behaves, different parts of it are the responsibility of different groups who are not necessarily “in sync” on updating their portions.”

    Of course your comments (about the TTC website) apply to most parts of the TTC which seems to be ‘organised’ in impenetrable silos (wqith the website in a further series of ‘mini-silos’!)

    Yes, it is complicated but when a route – or route number – is changed it should occur at the same time as the maps – online and on poles – are changed, the bus stop pole numbering is changed, the announcements changed etc etc. Each silo may (??) work perfectly but without coordination and management they will not (and clearly do not!) work well together. The overall management of the TTC website IS dreadful but it is really VERY typical of the whole organisation.

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  12. So what you’re saying is: stay home or get out of the city if you live in the east end and rely on transit. 🥲


  13. There are two Gerrards and Coxwell with a total of eight corners, as even northbound and southbound stop announcements recognize, though the streetcar shelter northbound at Lower Gerrard has been mislabelled since time immemorial.

    Steve: Only one of them has special work, but your point is well taken. The article will be amended.


  14. Is there any impact to the 503 bus?

    Steve: The 503 bus will be replaced effective May 7 by the Dundas car extended east via Broadview, Queen and Kingston Road to Bingham Loop. There will not be a direct route from Kingston Road to King Street, and you would have to make the journey in three stages. First the 505 Dundas car to Queen & Broadview, then the 504/505 King bus to Parliament, then the 504 King streetcar. Alternately you could stay on the 505 car to Yonge and go south via the subway.

    Effective June 18 this will change slightly because the 504/505 bus will be replaced by the 72 Pape bus running west along Queen and King to Parliament.


  15. What ever happened to the Coxwell track replacement from Queen to Gerrard? I recall seeing it scheduled for a few years ago but haven’t seen any reference to it lately.

    Steve: As long as Queen is subject to closures for Metrolinx work at Degrassi, Coxwell has to stay open for carhouse access. It’s track used only for carhouse moves, normally, and so isn’t high priority when budgets are trimmed.


  16. From my view here it seems like they discontinued the 503 service because they don’t want to pay for overlapping 503 and 505 service on Kingston Road. Pity it seems to be an accounting exercise on management’s part without taking into consideration their customers. I don’t see any other reason to abandon the 503 with the given service plan because it provides a link that the other routes don’t.

    If they’re not bringing it back they should bring the 519 north on Carlaw and east on Queen to do the 22A loop. Buses running along the eastern part of Commissioners serve no one otherwise they wouldn’t have discontinued the 121C/D 20 years ago. This would give people the option of a transfer-free route to the CBD from the east side which can be faster than the Queen or King alternatives during certain time periods.


  17. I’m curious how routing the 100 to Pape is going to work out. The station is already too small to handle the 25/81 and 72 bus services there at peak times with numerous buses often spilling out into the streets during layovers. Adding another route with 11 buses per hour into the mix is looking like another disaster in the making.


  18. > Phase 4: Early October to end of November: Resurfacing of Broadview Avenue from Gerrard to Danforth.

    As a KQQR resident, I have some Narrator-style spoilers here.

    And what exactly is the target market for the 519? TTC operators at Leslie? Or will this be the next 121-through-Fort-York scenario – supposed to serve condo residents, but held up by car drivers?


  19. After 20+ years the 72A is going back to King and Parliament.

    When I first looked at the map, I thought it was fake, 8/62 to Warden station, 519, 505, etc.

    They should have kept 22A running all day. When a route is too long with that many changes, you asking for trouble.

    Pape bus going along Queen, and streetcars going in every direction at Queen and Broadview is another choke point. Good luck.

    Broadview as we know won’t finish on time. I didn’t even bother making note of the predicated completion date.

    That many changes, even if it’s temporary in a small geographical area like that will have a lot of confusion for a lot of people. I think the only routes not really affected are 83 Jones and 65 Parliament and Woodbine. But even Woodbine will have to deal with events at Ashbridge’s Bay.

    Steve: Thanks for catching the 8 Broadview extension to Warden Station. This is different from what was proposed in the 2023 Annual Service Plan consultations, and there does not appear to have been a formal update about this route change anywhere. The ASP proposed splitting the two branches of 70 O’Connor into separate routes with their own schedules, but both still running to Coxwell Station. Moreover, there was a plan in an earlier ASP to extend 8 Broadview south to Coxwell Station. Somewhere along the line this has all changed, but the first it shows up is in a TTC map about the Main Station project.


  20. Oh, this is precious! By widening the streetcar loops at Broadview Station, land gets removed from parking spaces and added to the parkette. Nice karma.

    However, reading with a historical perspective in mind, there remains only two east-west streetcar lines in east end Toronto, Gerrard and Queen. The Bloor-Danforth car was removed with the opening of the subway. It made good sense at the time, but that was over half a century ago. It should also be noted that in those days streetcars were considered to be a fading technology of the past. Today, however, streetcars make more sense than ever, electrical propulsion being the preferred solution to reducing climate destroying emissions. Plus, being on rail, the ride is way more comfortable than buses.

    If you follow my reasoning so far, please hear what I have to say. Back in the day when I was a cabbie, 1970s & 1980s, I never understood why there was not a streetcar line on Dundas East. It would have connected nicely with Coxwell and Kingston Road.

    Steve: FYI an extension of trackage on Dundas east and north to Gerrard Station on what was originally the Relief Line was dropped for budgetary reasons. If we ever get a “Broadview car” down into the Port Lands, the TTC will have nowhere to put it at Broadview Station unless they displace an existing service.

    Now, looking at a transit lines map of today, the gaps are still there. Steve mentions the forgotten southbound Broadview to west Gerrard curve.

    Steve: The forgotten curve is the north to west, not the south to west which has been there for many years.

    It was said many times that the Yonge subway was at bursting point, pre-covid, that is. The Danforth side of the subway was also identified as at capacity.

    Well, some time ago on this blog I espoused the idea of putting streetcars back on Yonge Street, as a supplement to the subway. The idea was pooh-poohed, I am sorry to say. Not just because there is a subway disruption nearly every day, but people have stops between the stops. For example, there is no subway stop on Yonge between Eglinton and Lawrence, and the bus really sucks, believe me. Cannot there be streetcar stops at Gerrard and Charles? Would this not be a boon to the handicapped?

    That is the problem with rapid transit in Toronto today – big ticket item, but they eliminate all the stops in between. Example, in building Eglinton-Crosstown LRT, the stop at Credit Union Drive was deleted because the slope was supposedly too much for wheelchair access. But, excuse me, I am one of those disabled who would be using that stop, how the heck can I get to Brentcliffe almost a kilometre away, especially in winter? Damn the slope, I can manage!

    Steve: You will be at the mercy of the supplementary bus service on Eglinton, however infrequently that runs eventually.

    Eglinton West LRT is going underground, but what about the stops in between?

    We see in the 25% TTC service reduction plan (per Toronto council budget) to eliminate stops on many routes. What stupidity!

    The old saying – build it and they will come – works in reverse, too.

    Back to east end Toronto, I am recommending putting a streetcar line on the Danforth. Same issue as Yonge, but it also addresses another issue, the connectivity of streetcar lines.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. I know taking 72B away from Union Station area may help improve service reliability, but as a QQE resident who takes regularly takes the route to the east via Pape Station I’m still disappointed with this change that seem to last for at least the whole summer. The east part of 519 replacement route is just useless to anyone except TTC workers in Leslie Barns.

    The whole plan seems to be a huge change for the whole east end and it’s quite certain to see out-of-date signs and confused people everywhere.

    I don’t know will it be permanent or not, but the changes at 8 Broadview gives me a feeling at TTC doesn’t like to stick around their Annual Service Plan, and I wonder how much useful this yearly service plan will still be.


  22. Hi Steve,

    Apologies for the somewhat unrelated and delayed question, but we got a letter maybe a month ago from the city mentioning that they would be doing work at the foot of Waverley Rd in the beaches, to create a new westbound streetcar stop…link here. What I don’t understand is why they’re doing this. There is already a stop at Bellefair, less than 100m away. The Bellefair stop is at a light, which makes crossing safer for pedestrians, and has no issues that I can see…so why would an agency that’s chronically under funded waste money moving a perfectly good stop 90 whole meters? I’ve tried to find an explanation, but couldn’t seem to…

    I’ll add that the notice is dated April 10th to 14th, but as far as I can tell, nothing has yet occurred.

    Steve: Yes, this was rather odd. It triggered several days of bus replacement service that went unannounced for quite some time. Also, there used to be stops both ways at Waverley, but they were removed as part of the TTC’s program to rationalize stops to signaled intersections.

    I could understand it as a replacement of track that was worn during the era when there was a stop, but not as a new stop construction. I suspect the writer of the notice got their wires crossed.


  23. As you note, finding out about diversions is not going to be easy and, surprise, surprise, the TTC is more confusing than helpful

    If one goes to the 504 Schedule page on the TTC website you see that there are three “Service Advisories” and (as I write) one “Service Alert”. (Service Alerts appear to be short-term problems rather than longer term Service Advisories but this is unclear and maybe they should e combined?)

    Advisory 1 reads: “Temporary route change due to infrastructure work
    Replacement buses. March 26, 2023.” Clicking this link brings one back to the main 504 schedule page and provides no additional information.

    Advisory 2 reads: – ” Bus service resuming on Roncesvalles Avenue
    Streetcar restrictions. March 14, 2023 ” Clicking this link also brings one back to the main 504 schedule page and provides no additional information.

    Advisory 3 reads: – ” Temporary route change due to infrastructure work
    Replacement buses. April 1, 2023 to May 6, 2023″ This link does provide some information and a revised route map.

    By the time most people get to this point they will have either decided to call Uber or walked!

    Steve: I plan to post an article about the difficulty of navigating the TTC’s website quite soon. It really is a disgrace.


  24. I can’t imagine what I would do without your blog. I’m stunned at the transit drought we will face in Riverdale this summer.

    I’m trying to find out more about the 72B terminating at Cherry Street during this summer construction, as our offices are on Queens Quay East and this affects several employees. Why would they just dump us out at Cherry Street industrial wasteland with no where to connect? I can’t seem to find on TTC site. Do you have a link or more information?

    Steve: The maps showing the rerouted 72C come from:

    Notably this information is not in the more superficial Main Station service advisory which sets something of a record for brevity and lack of detail.

    I am working on an article about the problems with navigation of and value of information on the TTC’s site, but that will not solve your problem.

    The rerouting of the 72C service appears on maps on pages 10 and 11 of the Presentation Deck which is dated March 24, 2023. Who exactly this was “presented” to, I do not know. The service to Union is replaced by a route “519” running along Commissioners that you would transfer to from the rerouted 72C. That “519” route number is rather fanciful considering it is a “streetcar” route and the number reserved for the Waterfront East LRT which will not open for about a decade, and will take even longer to reach all the way to Leslie Barns.

    The deck includes a note on page 8 that “Service details are subject to change”, but the June 18 route changes must be fairly settled by now as they would have been in draft at the point that deck was prepared.

    That is the only reference the TTC has published to the change in the 72C and the loss of direct service to Queens Quay East from Riverdale. You are now probably looking at using either the 65 Parliament or 75 Sherbourne buses depending on where you want to go. The 65 Parliament terminates at the Corus building, and the 75 Sherbourne goes to Jarvis. If you want to go further west, you could transfer to the 6 Bay but his service is extremely infrequent, or to the 519. Queens Quay East in general is very poorly served by the TTC who seem to forget that there is a city south of the Gardiner.


  25. The whole rejigging of routes on the east side of downtown looks to me like it was done in the manner of making the most convenient TTC turnbacks over what would be most useful for customers. Typical management attitude here.

    Splitting the 72B and looping the 519 in the middle of nowhere. Pushing the 506 loop to Woodbine instead of using Coxwell-Queen because it can’t hold more than 1 streetcar. This need to accommodate their padded schedules causing the cascading effect of pushing the 505 to Bingham and the outright cancellation of the 503.

    Steve: Coxwell-Queen can only be entered from the north which will not be possible because the intersection of Coxwell & Lower Gerrard will be under construction. But, yes, these backlogs at terminals would be a problem for that loop.

    I wouldn’t split the Pape bus at all but if they are going to force the issue I’m going to reiterate my belief that the 519 needs to be routed north on Carlaw and east on Queen to loop via the 31B or 22A loops so people can make transfers within civilization instead of the post-apocalyptic hellscape on Commissioners. Whose idea was it to dump people out into a lightly trafficked industrial zone to make transfers? From an organization that prides itself on safety! HAH!


  26. For some reason I had in mind that it was only the work at Main station. If only they hadn’t deferred Queen-Broadview loop indefinitely into the future. It sure would be useful now.


  27. A sinkhole opened up at Queen and Degrassi today, cutting off the two carhouses on the east side from the rest of the network. This is their worst case scenario. Those penny misers should have installed diversion track on Carlaw or Jones a decade ago.

    Steve: The all clear was issued at about 5:10 pm June 5.


  28. The TTC’s messaging has been terrible.

    I had a look at the diversion notice boards for the 501 bus and it tells customers to transfer at Dundas & River (south side) for westbound and Queen & Broadview for eastbound. Let’s set aside the fact that the east end loop isn’t setup to be the most convenient for transferring customers but more so for the TTC’s benefit in “managing.”

    Queen @ Broadview eastbound is not actually an official stop on the 501B. On the newer fleet with the LCD displays, they clearly show Carroll St. eastbound and Dundas St. eastbound as the only two stops in the area. Buses do not announce Broadview as a stop and it’s up to random chance whether or not the operator pulls over to let people off at the temporary 504 stop at Broadview.

    I haven’t confirmed the westbound stop on the south side of Dundas but asking customers to make 2 crossings to make a transfer in a crappy location is another insult.

    Customers need to waste much time stuck in bottlenecks to make transfers in poor locations because the TTC rather make a loop where they can have 10 buses on layover when they should be providing an overlapping service so customers can make transfers in a more logical location.

    The unofficial 503 route I’ve discovered has other tricks. The TTC says it runs from 7am to 7pm but I’ve seen them around before 7am and also as late as 10pm in the evening. As always, they seem to run in packs of 2 or 3 no matter the time of day.

    Steve: I have come to the conclusion that the people who put together notices for service changes, diversions, stop placement, etc, never ever ride the portion of the system affected, and might not even ride the system at all. The utter ignorance of on-the-ground conditions, and the ad hoc fixes (which of course are not official and so nobody really knows about them) required after the fact are a symptom of an organization that is falling apart. But nobody, nobody seems to care about this.


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