TTC Service Changes: Holiday Period 2022/23

As is usually the case, the TTC will implement modified schedules during the two-week holiday period which, because of the lie of the calendar, runs from December 25 to January 6 this year.

Several routes will revert to June 2022 summer schedules for the weekdays within this period. No changes are planned for Saturday and Sunday schedules. Many of the summer schedules have the same service frequency, but with fewer buses and shorter travel times reflecting reduced passenger and road traffic.

No school trippers are operated during the holiday period, and service is reduced on some routes serving post secondary campuses.

Late night New Year’s Eve service will operate until about 3am on most routes including all rapid transit lines.

Service will operate free of charge from 7pm on December 31 to 8am on January 1.

Details are in the spreadsheet linked below.

5 thoughts on “TTC Service Changes: Holiday Period 2022/23

  1. Grrr. 30 minute AM peak headway an 24 minute PM peak headway on the 24 Dupont bus? I remember 10 minute headway on the 4 Annette trolley bus. Pitiful. Ever since Mike Harris dropped operational subsidies for public transit, part of the “downloading” he implemented to “save” money for the province.

    Steve: And that schedule was notorious for operators being unable to stay on time because it was too tight. I am mystified about why they are using it again.

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  2. Hi Steve. Have you heard if there is an estimated date by which ALL the work will be finished on the King/Queen/Queensway/Roncesvalles intersection?? And when full TTC “Service” will resume at that intersection??

    Steve: No. Only “early 2023”.

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  3. On the subject of the changes in the January board, route 996 WILSON EXPRESS is about to be extended east to Ellesmere station to supplement extra express services between Yonge and Kennedy via York Mills, Parkwood Village and Ellesmere.

    Steve: Thanks for the update. I have not yet received the official memo with all of the January changes yet.


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