Open House at TTC’s Harvey Shops

On Saturday, September 17, the TTC will hold an open house at its Hillcrest facility with guided tours of the main Harvey Shops as well as the Streetcar Way building.

Photo credit: TTC

This is being done as part of their annual United Way fundraising campaign.

BlogTO got an advance peek and has an extensive photo gallery for those who cannot be there in person.

Updated: The article mentions registering for the event. @TTCHelps confirms that this is not required. Just show up.

No need to sign up – once you’re inside, there will be a tour guide who will walk you through our facility so everyone gets to participate. There are multiple volunteers, so there will be plenty of sessions.

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3 thoughts on “Open House at TTC’s Harvey Shops

  1. Not sure if this belongs here, or on another article talking about the web site. As far as I can tell, there is no evidence of this open house on the TTC web site. And while looking for it, I couldn’t find a Search box on the website either. Do they think that a tweet is sufficient announcement?

    Steve: This is an example of fragmented communications. TTCHelps only has access to the Twitter feed, and cannot post new items on the web. There was no press release announcing this as would normally be the case.

    As for a search box, their answer to my complaint about that is that they depend on Google, although in turn that depends on an up-to-date sitemap.xml file existing because search engines will not crawl their dynamic pages.


  2. Ohh man, I would have loved to be there for this!

    Unfortunately I’m away in Germany, having my perception of what rail transit can be forever altered…I’m not sure I can come home after this.

    Some surprisingly good photography from BlogTO – and Harvey shops looks awesome. I’ve been to Greenwood for doors open, and am always blown away by how much work the TTC does behind the scenes to keep the vehicles running (and how much pride the workers take in their role in keeping everything running smoothly!).

    I always thought Harvey was just for streetcars…cool to see buses being painted.

    Take more pics when you’re there!

    Steve: Harvey shops has always done some bus and all streetcar work (until Leslie Barns). Duncan Shops, nearby, does the major bus work and took over this function when Parkdale Garage closed. Harvey Shops also used to do some subway work before Greenwood opened.


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