Service Quality on 85/985 Sheppard East: May-June 2022

This article continues a series reviewing service quality on major routes lying primarily in Scarborough. See also:

Routes still to come in this series include:

  • 102/902 Markham Road
  • 43/943 Kennedy
  • 68/968 Warden
  • 38 Highland Creek

Routes in the Eglinton-Kingston corridor will be reviewed as part of a “red lane” update in the Fall.

Service on Sheppard East has three distinct components:

  • The main 85 route operates from Don Mills Station to Rouge Hill GO Station with a short turn service to Meadowvale Loop and limited service on a branch to the Toronto Zoo.
  • The express service operates two branches from Don Mills Station to Scarborough Town Centre (985A) and to Meadowvale (985B). Weekend service was restored on May 8, 2022. The express service is scheduled to operate with articulated buses.
  • A separate branch operates between Yonge-Sheppard and Don Mills Station providing a surface alternative to Line 4 Sheppard Subway.

Here is the summary information for schedules in effect during May and June 2022.

85 Sheppard East Local Service

985 Sheppard East Express

The service in effect until May 7 is shown below. Express service was suspended on weekends as part of the pandemic cuts. Sheppard East is an unusual route in that the “express” service runs more frequently than the “local” service. The express portion of the route extends east to Morningside Avenue during peak periods. During off-peak periods, the express service ends at Midland where the 985A branch turns south to Scarborough Town Centre.

On May 8, the weekend express service was restored. Note that there was no corresponding reduction in the local service, and so this was an improvement to the route.

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