TTC Service Changes Effective June 19, 2022

June 19 will bring the summer schedules on some routes, a return of streetcars at Broadview Station, and various minor changes scattered across the system.


There is no change in subway service.


With the completion of watermain work on Broadview in May, the streetcar service to Broadview station on 504 King and 505 Dundas will return.

504A Distillery to Dufferin service will remain, but will be blended with the 504B from Broadview Station to Dufferin. The combined service on the two branches will be more frequent in almost all periods than the 504A service now operating.

The 504/505 shuttle bus from Broadview Station to Parliament will no longer operate.

505 Dundas service will operate between High Park Loop and Broadview Station on the same headways as are currently provided just to Broadview. Dundas cars will not return to Dundas West Station until later in the year following completion of new platforms and overhead.

The 504C King/Roncesvalles shuttle bus will return to Dundas West Station, but, like all bus routes there, will loop on street and stop on Edna Avenue (north side of the loop) while work inside the station continues. Other bus routes currently diverting to Dufferin and Lansdowne Stations will return to Dundas West at the same time.

Work on Phase 3 of the King Queen Queensway Roncesvalles project including the North Gate of Roncesvalles Carhouse will begin in September.

Carhouse allocations of 504 and 505 will change with additional 504 cars operating from Leslie, and some 505 cars shifting to Roncesvalles. Allocations will change in August when construction work begins at Russell Carhouse, and again in September with the Phase 3 KQQR work.

There will be seasonal service cuts on several routes:

  • 503 Kingston Road AM Peak
  • 505 Dundas AM Peak bus trippers removed
  • 506 Carlton AM Peak bus trippers removed
  • 511 Bathurst all periods
  • 512 St. Clair almost all periods

See the spreadsheet linked later in this article for details.

From July 11 to August 1, 501L Queen and 301 Queen Night buses will divert westbound from Lake Shore via 15th, Birmingham and 22nd Streets during reconstruction of the intersection at Kipling. Eastbound service is not affected.

With overhead on the central section of Queen now converted for pantograph use, streetcars running between Leslie Barns and routes 510 Spadina and 512 St. Clair will operate via Queen west of the Don River rather than via King.


Routing Changes Due To Frequent CNE Closures

The following routes will be changed because streets in and near the CNE are often closed during the summer.

  • 29 Dufferin will loop through Liberty Village via King, Strachan and East Liberty.
  • 929 Dufferin will loop at Dufferin Loop.
  • 174 Ontario Place/Exhibition will operate via Fleet, Fort York and Lake Shore for the southbound trip.

30 High Park and 189 Stockyards Interline

Buses on routes 30 and 189 will interline to better use the running time on the combined route.

A new 30B High Park service will operate from High Park Station to the park via West Road and Colborne Lodge Drive. This seasonal shuttle will run separately from buses on the combined 30/189 service.

Seasonal Changes

The following routes are affected by seasonal reductions in demand:

  • 39/939 Finch East
  • 102 Markham Road
  • 905 Eglinton East Express
  • 927 Highway 27 Express

Miscellaneous Changes

  • 21C Brimley service to STC will be adjusted on Sundays.
  • 44/944 Kipling South service will divert both ways around track construction work at Lake Shore from July 15 to August 1.
  • 363 Ossington night service will return to Eglinton West Station Loop.
  • 72 Pape service will be adjusted during all time periods for reliability.
  • 86 Scarborough will have a trip added at 2:13 pm weekdays from Kennedy Station to fill a gap in the schedule.
  • 118 Thistle Down service will be improved in peak periods.
  • 134 Progress service will be adjusted on Saturdays.
  • 172 Cherry service will continue to bypass the Distillery District due to road construction.

600 Run As Directed

The number of scheduled RAD buses has been reduced substantial on weekdays from 40 to 5 crews. On weekends there will be more RAD buses with 39, up from 25, on Saturdays, and 32, up from 21, on Sundays.

Mount Dennis will not have any RAD buses. Details of the crew allocation are in the spreadsheet below.

Detailed Tables of Service Changes

Peak Vehicle Usage

16 thoughts on “TTC Service Changes Effective June 19, 2022

  1. Where’s the off peak and weekend service on 953 Steeles east express? Also, the TTC hasn’t increase service much when many of the activities return in the city for the summer which would make lots of people riding the TTC!

    Steve: If they follow the pattern in the budget, the next big increase will not be until the fall. There is also a growing problem on the subway, particularly off-peak.


  2. You note that cars from Leslie going to the Spadina and St Clair routes will use Queen rather than King west of the Don. Though I can understand that, if they actually pick up passengers (will they?) on Queen, this provides more service on Queen but I think that the King ‘pilot’ and much reduced traffic means that King is much more predictable.

    Steve: I agree. King is a more reliable route across downtown.


  3. Regards interlining of 30 High Park and 189 Stockyards. Alternative choice would be to extend 30 northward on Runnymede via Henrietta, Pritchard, Jane and Foxwell replacing 79A to Scarlett Rd thence southward on Scarlett to St.Clair and eastward to Runnymede and south Dundas. Reroute 189 eastward leg via Jane, Pritchard, Castleton and Henrietta to Runnymede south to St.Clair and return to route eastward.

    This will provide two-way service in place of present one-way on-street looping at west end of 189 route. It will allow 79A Scarlett Rd branch to be eliminated while still providing service to Bloor Subway. It will permit improved 79 service via present 79B routing with all vehicles presently assigned with possibly some running express.


  4. You note that the 504C returns to Dundas West station, looping the same way the buses go there…. Does this mean that the other buses will return to the Dorval-Edna loop? Currently both 40 and 168 operate to Lansdowne and Dufferin stations and 312 operates to Keele station.

    Steve: Yes, that is the intent. I should have included it in the update. Will fix.


  5. With overhead on the central section of Queen now converted for pantograph use, streetcars running between Leslie Barns and routes 510 Spadina and 512 St. Clair will operate via Queen west of the Don River rather than via King.

    This is an odd change. Before the pantograph age, the only 510/512 streetcars I recall using Queen were the southbound 510 cars entering service on the Union-bound branch. This makes no sense with the 510 terminus being at King.

    Steve: Yes, this is a rather odd change as it sends cars over a more time-consuming route.


  6. In November 2021, 97 Yonge bus service was cut from every 15 minutes to every 30 minutes. This sort of defeats the purpose of having the route as the walking time between any two adjacent stations between Eglinton and Finch is about 30 minutes. It the destination is half-way between stations, it’s better to walk than wait up to 30 minutes. Do you know why the TTC has not yet restored 15-minute service on 97?

    Steve: No.


  7. Are the changes to 29/929 meant to be permanent year-round or just for the summer?

    Steve: They are explicitly described as being due to the period when parts of the CNE grounds are regularly closed. Therefore only for the summer. We will see what happens in September.


  8. I guess we’ll see if the east-to-north curve at Kipling and Lake Shore survives.

    The overhead department did install nice pantograph-ready wire for the curve. I might take some pictures in case it goes away.

    Steve: Considering that the curve is a holdover from the era before Kipling Loop existed and cars had to wye there, I am amazed they made any provision to keep the curve.


  9. It would be a bit sad if the E-to-N curve for such an inconsequential junction disappeared when recent reconstructions failed to include approved new curves to improve service detours on much more heavily used track. It would indicate someone is paying more attention to the former than the latter.


  10. Does the TTC plan to improve the 73 Royal York, and 127 Davenport in the fall, when school will start?

    Steve: I do not know. The fall plans have not been announced yet.


  11. Steve writes: Considering that the curve is a holdover from the era before Kipling Loop existed and cars had to wye there, I am amazed they made any provision to keep the curve.

    I haven’t had a chance to look at Bromley’s TTC ’28, but looking on Transit-Toronto the loop was there, with exactly the same connecting track layout, in 1945. (And the 1926 interurban track diagram does not have enough detail to see what’s going on.)

    And even if the wye was there before in the radial days, when the loop was installed, the south-to-east tracks would have crossed the east-to-north curve which would have required changes to the track anyway. (Never mind that the radial, as far as I recall, was side-of-the-road.)

    I think I have once seen a not-in-service car (not a fan trip) use that east-to-north curve. It might have been disabled.

    The one wye that held out into this millennium was at Hillside. A Toronto Transportation Society fan trip used it.

    Steve: Many fantrips used Hillside Wye. On one occasion where I was managing a three-car charter, we set up a headway between there and Humber Loop for runpasts through Mimico.


  12. A bit surprised that the 29 is going to loop around the entirety of Liberty Village instead of just taking King-Atlantic-Liberty-Dufferin. I guess reliability on this route can’t get any worse (or can it?)

    On a related note, there are a fair number or riders connecting between the 29 and GO at Exhibition. Before the 29s are extended to Princes’ Gate at all times to make room for the King car at Dufferin Loop, I would occasionally see people waiting for the Dufferin bus outside of Exhibition GO in the middle of the day, when all 29s actually ended at Dufferin Gate. It would be great if the TTC/GO set up signs directing riders to board the 29 and 63 on Liberty Street, and have a permanent and consistent service for the 29 to Exhibition outside of the summer. That said, considering how the TTC outright ignored requests to add a stop at Exhibition GO for the temporary 929 extension, I am guessing they will do nothing on this issue.


  13. I would recommend that the TTC should keep the existing Line 3 Scarborough LRT trains until 2026 after the FIFA World Cup is finished. We know that thousands of people from around the world will descend on Toronto (as well as other parts of North America) during the summer of 2026 to see the world cup. TTC should save the Scarborough LRT until 2026 then close it down and replace it with buses for four-five years until the new Line 2 Bloor-Danforth subway into Scarborough opens. Should TTC reconsider those plans to the TTC board, TTC CEO Rick Leary, TTC chair Jaye Robinson and Toronto Mayor John Tory to see whether its feasible to keep the existing SRT train service until after the World Cup in 2026 like around the fall of that year?

    Steve: Those trains will be lucky to last until 2023, let alone 2026. If we have another bad winter, I foresee shuttle buses a lot sooner than fall 2023.


  14. There were supposed to be upgrades to the overhead on Kingston Road staring in June according to the Streetcar Network Major Projects 2022 summary the TTC released earlier this year and you covered.

    I can’t find any info on that overhead project but I remember seeing somewhere that a bustitution was to be done on the 503 while work was carried out. Now that we’re into the June board and streetcars are still there I’m wondering if it has been delayed? Also, I don’t see it in the Detailed Tables of Service Changes which makes me wonder if it has been deferred from this year.

    Steve: Frankly, they should be able to convert the tangent wire on Kingston Road on evenings and weekends. The special work at Bingham and at Queen has been converted already.


  15. This year, the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) returns after a pandemic-induced two year absence. Many visitors to the popular late-summer fair take the TTC to get to and from it, and a substantial number take the “511 Bathurst” streetcar, and I’m just one of hundreds of thousands to visitors to the CNE who take the “511 Bathurst” streetcar. There’s a unique ambience on the “511 Bathurst” streetcar when the CNE is running, that of high-spirited excitement and also hear the many conversations happening (some of them carried out in languages other than English).

    Would it make better sense to increase frequency on this route to accommodate the large numbers of people who take it to get to and from the CNE.

    Steve: Extra service on the 511 is handled with extras and, sometimes, with express buses. The TTC has not announced its plans yet.


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