Ontario Line Consultation: September 2021 Round

Metrolinx has announced the dates of its next round of consultations on the Ontario Line. The presentation decks for these are not yet published, but when they are, I will comment on them here.

The links from the dates below will take you to the registration page for each session.

  • September 9: West Segment (Exhibition to Queen/Spadina Station)
  • September 16: North Segment (Pape to Science Centre Station, plus the Maintenance and Storage Facility)
  • September 23: East Segment (East Harbour to Gerrard Station)
  • October 7: Downtown Segment (Osgoode to Corktown Station) [The original meeting date was September 30, but this has been changed by Metrolinx.]

These pages have provision for submitting questions in advance, but nothing specific yet to which participants might react.

4 thoughts on “Ontario Line Consultation: September 2021 Round

  1. The term “Consult” is a misnomer as the prefix “CON” means with and implies a give and take as in a two way discussion. A better term would be “An Ontario Line Assault” as all Metrolinx does is go through the motions and rams what they want down the throats of everyone.

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  2. Boy I can’t wait to pick out the colour for the floor tiles in the Metrolinx pop up store on Queen Street. Maybe if we behave they’ll let us pick the ones for the light metro RT trains too.

    Steve: No, they will conduct a survey at great expense about floor tiles, but will in parallel run a campaign denigrating your choice because you don’t like what has already been picked as the ideal solution by one of their in-house consultants.


  3. I’m very glad other cynics have snarked earlier; as yup, “it’s any type of ____ as long as it’s this way, here”, though we really do need a reset and rethink to perhaps two projects, but the one real need now as a priority is triage up to Eglinton via Thorncliffe in somewhat surface options that should include the DVP as well as other linear corridors, and perhaps get in to core along the Gerrard axis, just to begin to give a network density approaching other systems.

    And yes, plan for a longer/larger subway project somewhat akin to the “Relief” plan of 1957, but having a N/S connection further east, and being far more of a straightline in old core, even avoiding Ontario Place in favour of serving Liberty Village and Parkdale, gasp.

    Federal Liberals are part of our problem; and where’s the provincial NDP on the Ford follies in transit? And too bad the Cons don’t want to squeeze the billions…..Easy to do, unless one wants to $crew up the transit and make sure there’s an excuse to $crew other sectors/issues “Oh, we HAVE to do this costly transit project because…..”


  4. Are these consultations to actually consult, or do you expect Metrolinx to drop some other bombshell that there is a fatal flaw in their original plans (i.e. massive grade raise of rail corridor through Eastern/Queen/Gerard, or impossibility of doing cross-platform transfer)? What are the bets on this – is the grade on the DVP crossing too steep, forcing the TBM extraction to be moved farther south to be ON Pape? or maybe a building foundation between Spadina and Bathurst?

    Although it’s too late, I’ll list a few gripes:

    1. If Exhibition, Corktown and East Harbour were destinations, perhaps this should have gone along King instead of Queen.
    2. The sharp curves at Moss Park, Corktown and Gerrard, as well as the steep grade changes do not seem worthwhile. I would have kept tunneling under the Don River (along roughly the old DRL route).
    3. Reaching grade for 1.5km hardly seems worthwhile, from the grades, the portals, and the reduction in future GO expansion potential for track or station. I would have gone shallower after East Harbour/Broadview, continued along (or just south of) Eastern, over top of the Carlaw sewer, and make 1 turn to head north on Pape.
    4. At Thorncliffe, the most valuable land adjacent to a Station is being used for train storage. The train yard, or part of it, should be moved north of the CPR tracks.
    5. Stations should be protected for 120m length, and/or Spanish solution (3 platform stations) should be built for all busy interchange Stations (E.g. Osgoode, Yonge, East Harbour, Pape).


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