King-Queen-Queensway-Roncesvalles March 2021 Update

Major construction at Toronto’s most complex streetcar junction will get underway on March 31, 2021. The City of Toronto issued a construction update notice on March 12 including the map below showing the configuration of traffic from March 31 to July 21.

During this phase of construction, there will be no through traffic on Queen Street west of Triller Avenue nor on Roncesvalles at Queen. The north gate of the carhouse will remain as a service access for streetcars and for a revised 504 King shuttle bus.

The King Shuttle will be broken into two segments:

  • 504G Dundas West Station to Roncesvalles Carhouse
  • 504Q Triller Avenue to Strachan Avenue

For service designs, please see my article on pending schedule changes effective March 28, 2021.

A single lane will be maintained in each direction for traffic between King Street and The Queensway. 501 Queen buses will divert via Dufferin and King Streets to use this link. Traffic on The Queensway will use the central lanes while construction in the curb lanes is underway

Westbound service on Queen from Dufferin to Triller will be provided by the 504Q shuttle looping via Dufferin, Queen, Triller and King. There will not be any eastbound service, and riders will have to go around the loop to travel eastward.

Pedestrian crossings will be shifted away from the intersection outside of the work zone, and there will be no crossing on the west side.

In the second phase of this project between July 22 and November 23, the connection to King Street will be closed off for construction and Queen/Queensway will reopen for through traffic. Details will follow in a later update.

3 thoughts on “King-Queen-Queensway-Roncesvalles March 2021 Update

  1. I look forward to the new double stop at the new KQQR and all it cost us was a new dedicated left turn lane for autos.

    Steve: Yes, frankly, I am not sure that the new design at the intersection and on the new right-of-way from there west to Parkside will necessarily be an improvement. More places for left turning autos to have precedence over transit.


  2. Streetcar service was rarely delayed eastbound on The Queensway. Southbound on Roncesvalles, maybe, but I didn’t use that direction much.

    The big delay would be westbound Queen, and the biggest being west/north King.

    It’s not clear if any of this work will ease those slow points.

    Steve: I have already run charts for various routes and will publish them in a coming article.


  3. TTC’s website now says the bus routing change will be on April 5th rather than March 28th, while City’s KQQR website still says intersection closure on March 31st (and they made a lot of leaflets/construction bulletins to this effect). TTC updating faster than City for once?

    Steve: The schedule for that project is rather elastic. The operating schedules for the system change on March 28 with the big upheaval for routes shifting between garages. The original plan was for the 501 Queen bus to stay on Queen until the intersection at Ronces becomes impassible, originally expected on March 31. (Similarly, the 504 King bus would stay as one rather than two routes until the intersection closes.) I think that the TTC is ahead of the City on that one.


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