In Case You Were Wondering …

For those who feel that this site has not churned out enough material recently, fear not! Many things are various stages of preparation, but there are only so many hours in the day to devote to this.

Works in progress:

  • My next article for Spacing Magazine on the history of the CLRV/ALRV fleet (completed)
  • A review of the TTC Board Meeting of September 24 including:
    • The CEO’s Report including service reliability and PRESTO
    • Potential problems with Metrolinx design work on new projects including accessibility provisions
    • The quarterly TTC financial report
    • Transit service on Keele Street (completed)
    • Fare evasion
  • A review of the TIFF effects on transit service for King and Queen Streets, and an update of the King Street Pilot stats to the end of September 2019 (completed)
  • An examination of the TTC’s scheduling strategy of aiming at the 95th percentile of actual running times to reduce or eliminate short turns

There’s more coming down the pipeline, but you will just have to wait!

3 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering …

  1. Keep up your great work!

    I’m quite curious how the impact of TIFF was this year, with the modified 504 operation compared to previous years. And I was fortunate to be out of town for the shutdown, so I didn’t have the usual horrific commute imposed on me on 504/506 – but I also don’t have any feel for how much impact there was.

    Any plans to look at the TTC 5-year planning consultation? The shocker that 511 Bathurst won’t get new streetcars until 2024 was unexpected.

    Steve: Yes that’s a surprise and they are finally admitting that they do not have enough cars to restore service to all lines. They don’t even mention the Kingston Road services.

    I have not been very impressed with the work to date and too much is superficial or just marking time. Note that they don’t plan to respond to population growth until 2021, presumably when they get more buses, even though there is already a large spare ratio that would allow for service improvements. As I was invited to participate in the workshops, I have not commented here before pending the release of final proposals, although they have a long comment from me in the minutes of the first consultation which are not published.

    The consultation reports from the last two rounds are interesting .. Line 3 upgrades … some dreamers there …. 🙂

    Round One

    Round Two


  2. What happened to your reviews of TIFF films themselves? Not that I come to your site primarily for those, but just wondering.

    Steve: I haven’t done reviews for several years because I inevitably get bogged down in the start of the fall political season just when I might write them. If a film I really liked opens, I tend to flag it on Twitter.


  3. About the 511 not getting new streetcars until 2024 mean that the CLRV will be in service until then?

    Steve: I think this is a mistake and am checking into it. Waiting for clarification from the TTC. The CLRVs are gone at year-end.


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