King Street Pilot: Public Meeting on May 18, 2017

The study for a pilot of changes to the central portion of King Street has reached the point where a recommended configuration is ready for public view and then on to Council.

Turnout for the first meeting at Metro Hall was huge with a substantial spillover into a second room, and so the coming session will be held in larger quarters.

Thursday, May 18th, 2017
6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
InterContinental Toronto Centre, Ballroom
225 Front St W, Toronto
(Front St W. & Simcoe St.)

Project Website

A media briefing is planned in advance of this event, and I will post details of the new proposals when they are available.

4 thoughts on “King Street Pilot: Public Meeting on May 18, 2017

  1. From looking at the TTC’s documents they do not seem pleased with “side of the road rights of way.” Because of the way these where implemented I do not blame them. There are no markers on the right of way to show car are not welcome. It probably should have had something like granite sets to make it uninviting to pedestrians and cyclists and the traffic signals are horribly confusing. It is salvageable but it does need some major changes.

    Steve: I am not sure how your comment relates to the coming public meeting. No side of the road operation is proposed here.


  2. It’s not, but it was in the paper linked to from the report and reflects TTC’s thinking. There will be other projects and they will probably fight against side of the road rights of way.

    Steve: The one, if it ever gets built, that will be “side of the road” will be Waterfront East, mirroring QQ west, but this is already designed. Also, there is a distinction between splitting the road layout as on Queens Quay, and curb lane running.


  3. I would argue that for portions of King Street where the sidewalk edge is to be moved next to the streetcar lane it effectively would become a side of the road arrangement. There needs to be something to deter cars and pedestrians from randomly intruding into the streetcar space to prevent the Queens Quay issues from re-appearing on King.

    However after seeing the latest fix the TTC had for the cars driving into the Queens Quay tunnel problem I am not optimistic about anyone at the city learning from their mistakes.


  4. L. Wall said: …the cars driving into the Queens Quay tunnel…

    It’s never occurred to me that cars would attempt the QQ tunnel. I find myself wondering if the fine is worth it.


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