Bloor-Danforth Late Sunday Openings for Viaduct Beam Work (Updated)

Updated July 1, 2011 at 8:45 am: The slow order on the viaduct has been lifted both ways, and trains are running at normal speed between Broadview and Castle Frank for the first time since December 2010.

Original post from June 23:

This coming Sunday, June 26, and three additional Sundays through to late September, the Bloor-Danforth subway will not operate between Pape and St. George Stations until after noon.  A replacement shuttle service will be provided.

This will allow work on the bridge beams and track that has proceeded at a snail’s pace since the slow order, both ways, was imposed last December.

The full announcement is on the TTC’s site.

7 thoughts on “Bloor-Danforth Late Sunday Openings for Viaduct Beam Work (Updated)

  1. Glad to hear it because the subway now crawls across the viaduct. Why draw out the work over such a long period though?

    Steve: There were problems with the track on the viaduct that they were trying to work out a fix for, but I understand that they are now simply proceeding with work in the same style as the “old” track. No, I don’t know the technical details of the problem that delayed all of this, but look forward to not listening to trains rattle across the bridge until after 2:30 in the morning through my open window.


  2. Steve, what is the difference between the NORMAL shuttles between Pape and St. George and the ACCESSIBLE Shuttles operating between St. George and Main Street Stations?

    Steve: Main Station has elevators. Pape does not.


  3. The TTC really needs to learn how to operate shuttle buses.

    Making buses pull into the station bus platforms as planned, just wastes a ton of time. Keep the buses on Danforth-Bloor.

    Further they should have point to point shuttles that pick up people at say Main, and go non stop to Bloor-Yonge.

    They do not need a bus every minute stopping at every station, while most people are going straight to Bloor-Yonge.


  4. There are two ways they have done this “accessible shuttle” before. One way is that they keep a couple Wheel-Trans buses on standby at both ends of the route and when a passenger in a wheel-chair or scooter arrives they get on the Wheel-Trans bus and get taken to the next accessible station. The second way they do it, and I believe this will be the way they do it for the BD shuttles, is that they load the passenger in a wheel-chair or scooter onto the regular shuttle bus and then once the bus reaches the end of the line it goes out of service and runs express to the next accessible station.

    The shuttles will not be entering any terminals except for at St. George and Pape, it says that right on the notice.


  5. Steve, I rode over the viaduct westbound this morning on my daily commute. The train was going full speed! Maybe the trackwork is finished. Too bad, because I enjoyed having a good look at the deer in the valley last week, right beside the unused CPR track.


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