In Case You Haven’t Noticed

With the recent emphasis on Customer Service as the TTC’s new mantra, I am rather harder on them for certain types of issue than I might otherwise be.

One important part of CS is accurate information.  Not only is it useful to riders, it gives some indication that the organization cares to make their journey more comfortable with alerts about unusual conditions.

Sunday, May 15 is the date of the Goodlife marathon, and the TTC helpfully tells us about delays and diversions with posters and e-alerts.  Here is one I just received:

SUNDAY: Rolling road closures for GoodLife Toronto Marathon impacts TTC routes: 5, 14, 33, 65, 72A, 94, 97-320, 127, 504. Expect delays.

Last updated May 14, 2011 18:59:30

Route 33 Forest Hill no longer operates on weekends.  “Expect delays” is something of an understatement.

Meanwhile in another part of the world, the service change notice and revised schedule have finally appeared at Broadview Station for route 8 Broadview.  The TTC appears to be slowly catching up with the backlog from service changes implemented a week ago.

At times, I feel like I’m just kvetching, but one would hope that the TTC folks responsible for maps and service notices paid attention to timeliness and accuracy.

7 thoughts on “In Case You Haven’t Noticed

  1. Welcome to 21st century grammar Steve. Where “Spell Check” is the “magic wand” used to correct any and all writings. Like yourself I loath ambiguous messages that result from bad grammar. But, don’t be too harsh on the TTC, they aren’t the only organisation that seems to have foregone the ancient art of “Proof Reading”.

    Steve: And speaking of spell check, you may be loath to use bad grammar, but I would loathe the result. I suspect that they have recycled a notice from a past marathon on a similar route without checking the effect of the service changes last weekend.


  2. Hi Steve:-

    Got another extremely helpful sign for ya. This one is at Ossington Stn in the bus shelter.

    I didn’t see anything there to tell me about the Museum Stn diversion this weekend, so maybe it isn’t on, but I was informed that on the 16th and 17th of April, the subway would be closed from Jane to Kipling. I can now plan my trips with confidence.



  3. On Saturday, I rode the subway eastbound from Keele Station. We stopped at Museum and boarded an eastbound train on the other side. TTC personnel were helpful, holding up signs and explaining to bewildered riders that both east- and west-bound trains were sharing the tracks. Upon boarding however, the automated system announced St George Station rather than Yonge Street. Sigh.

    Steve: Yes, that happens because the trigger for calling St. George is located south of the point where the tracks diverge.


  4. It’s not too bad – it’s saying there are delays on a route where there won’t be (due to existence failure). Better that than the other way round.

    Speaking of customer information, I do wish the TTC would provide information at bus stops with things like which routes serve the stop, and departure times.

    (OK, only distantly related, but this is a pet peeve of mine).


  5. Hi Steve:-

    On Sunday I went to the Roundhouse Theatre to see the Open House there. Knowing that the list of affected routes due to the marathon, had included the King Car, I opted to go to the subway rather than cross-town on the surface. So I went to Queen’s Quay and Rees Street and boarded a Spadina Car signed for Union Station. Well guess what? Not on the list, but Harbourfront and Spadina Cars were being held at York for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Surprise, surprise.

    Again, knowledge of rotating delays beforehand aided my trip planning and the quality of my unimpeded ride!



  6. Two different schedules are posted for the 88 bus at St. Clair station. One is posted to the side of the poster with the route description — if it’s a revised schedule, why not post it over the old one on the route poster? If it’s not a revised schedule, what is it?


  7. Is there anywhere we can call to complain/ask about/suggest putting up signage? (For example, when the Dundas West streetcar route change happened this year (again), there was effectively no signage. For weeks, it seemed as if every single little old lady boarding the bus has to ask the driver what was going on.) I emailed and/or called TTC service to suggest that they post, but of course they never did. Do they ever respond? Would be great if they “opened a ticket” like at 311… (I know – that would cost $$ to have a ticketing application but…)

    Steve: Well, the TTC has a brand new shiny Customer Service manager, Chris Upfold. He seems very keen, and it will be interesting to see how quickly the combined pressures of “TTC culture” and Ford economics wear him down. The TTC is better at inventing excuses for things not happening than just fixing the underlying problem.


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