Secret Service Cuts

Today, the money-saving service cuts went into effect on many routes.  At this point, the TTC’s magnificent customer service efforts have not seen fit to post notices at stops on the affected routes, nor to change the posted schedules.  They have managed to place small yellow stickers saying “hey, no service”, but left the old schedules in place.  I don’t know if the yellow stickers are up system wide because checking that out is lots of work.

So far, the TTC’s effort consists of:

  • A “good news” press release and media event stressed the service additions (almost all of which were routine seasonal changes) while omitting any mention of the service cuts.
  • Updated schedule info is online, but not on schedules posted at stops.
  • There are “no service” stickers on affected stops, but I don’t know how extensive this work is, especially where routes with different hours of service share the same stop.
  • System maps have not been updated to show route segments with limited hours of operation.

At Broadview Station, there is no indication that 62 Mortimer and 8 Broadview no longer operate after 10pm Sundays.

On a related topic, the TTC must dust off its Service Standards and address issues on which they were silent earlier this year:

  • Will the screenline of 10 riders per hour continue to be applied for future service cuts?
  • Will walking distances to service be considered both as they apply to future cuts, and to reviews of the cuts that have been implemented?
  • What mechanism will be used to monitor and, if justified, to reintroduce service, and what standard will apply?

Please use comments on this post to help track the degree to which missing or incorrect information about the service cuts is a system-wide problem.

And remember to tell all your friends that this is “for the greater good”.