In Case You Haven’t Noticed

With the recent emphasis on Customer Service as the TTC’s new mantra, I am rather harder on them for certain types of issue than I might otherwise be.

One important part of CS is accurate information.  Not only is it useful to riders, it gives some indication that the organization cares to make their journey more comfortable with alerts about unusual conditions.

Sunday, May 15 is the date of the Goodlife marathon, and the TTC helpfully tells us about delays and diversions with posters and e-alerts.  Here is one I just received:

SUNDAY: Rolling road closures for GoodLife Toronto Marathon impacts TTC routes: 5, 14, 33, 65, 72A, 94, 97-320, 127, 504. Expect delays.

Last updated May 14, 2011 18:59:30

Route 33 Forest Hill no longer operates on weekends.  “Expect delays” is something of an understatement.

Meanwhile in another part of the world, the service change notice and revised schedule have finally appeared at Broadview Station for route 8 Broadview.  The TTC appears to be slowly catching up with the backlog from service changes implemented a week ago.

At times, I feel like I’m just kvetching, but one would hope that the TTC folks responsible for maps and service notices paid attention to timeliness and accuracy.

TTC Meeting Wrapup May 2011

The TTC Agenda for May 11 contained a number of items of interest.  In a previous article, I reviewed the preliminary report for the Finch bus service improvements.

Items detailed below the break are:

  • PRESTO Update
  • Adam Giambrone’s Office Expenses
  • Station Ambassadors
  • Chief General Manager’s Report for January-February 2011
  • 510 Spadina Additional Service South of King Street
  • Additional Commissioners

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