Trackwork Delayed at Queen & Connaught?

Both the TTC and the City of Toronto websites include announcements of major watermain and trackwork near Russell Carhouse that is scheduled to begin in late May.

This project involves replacement of streetcar tracks including the special work at Queen and Connaught, the west entrance of the yard at Greenwood, and the track on Connaught south to Eastern Avenue.

However, it is unclear whether this will actually occur in 2011 as there have been requests from local merchants that they be spared a second year of construction in a row (the City had Queen Street torn up for watermain work in 2010).

Needless to say, any track construction affecting access to Russell Carhouse will have a considerable effect on operations there.  No details have been published yet on alternate schemes for providing service during the project, whenever it might occur.

When there is a definitive answer on this issue, I will update this article.

6 thoughts on “Trackwork Delayed at Queen & Connaught?

  1. Why would it surprise you? Look at Transit City, all the money that has been spent, tenders awarded, contracts signed and everything is on hold. It’s not their money so they don’t care about delaying the project on Queen.


  2. Contract closed last Friday. There was a low bidder. Staff are waiting for word whether to proceed with the execution of the Contract.

    Connaught Ave and Special Track work at Queen and Connaught intersection are not in good shape and will probably require emergency repairs soon if this Contract does not go ahead.


  3. Queen St. East project from Greenwood to Coxwell, and on Connaught from Queen to Eastern has been removed from the 2011, Track 1.2 program.


  4. It’s interesting now that this project has been deferred to 2012. The TTC has restricted the speed of streetcars on Queen pass Russell due to track conditions. Also emergency repairs are be done on Connaught to hold it over until next year. Even those the repairs are for one year they being done with concrete that will be pulled out in a year.


  5. Any word on whether the Queen street reconstruction is proceeding in 2012? Just did a search on the web and I can’t find anything.


    Steve: According to the CEO’s Report at Page 15, the work is scheduled to start in early May and run through to Thanksgiving.


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