Scarborough Malvern Public Meetings Deferred

The public open houses for the Scarborough Malvern line, originally planned for April, have been postponed.  The website, updated today, still says that these will take place in Spring 2009 with dates to be confirmed.

I do not have any info on the background for this, but will try to find out what is going on.

One thought on “Scarborough Malvern Public Meetings Deferred

  1. I saw images on what they plan on doing with the line. I have one concern, if they’re going to be putting the lrt line on its own bridge when it crosses Highland Creek how will they do this. In the display panel it shows the line starting in middle of the road then moving towards the side of the road once it gets closer to the Highland Creek river. My question is regarding the ROW, how are they going to move the (ROW) from the middle of the road to the side without disrupting vehicle traffic. The only logical answer that I could think of is that they make a small tunnel under Morningside Road so that the ROW can get to the eastern side of the road before it hits the bridge.

    Steve: There will be a traffic light controlling northbound auto traffic to allow LRT trains to cross over to the side of the road.


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