Stellar Stupidity From Astral Media

Torontoist reports today on an ad campaign for Virgin Radio that may seem innocent to some, but is to others, me included, in extremely poor taste.

The ad exhorts passersby to “Give Your Radio a Reason to Live”, and features a portable radio perched on the edge of a subway platform, unplugged, obviously ready to end it all.  Cute, but not when you contemplate the issue of suicide and its role not just on the subway but life in Toronto in general.

Jonathan Goldsbie’s article delves into the background of transit shelter advertising and how this ad came to be shot, apparently without the TTC realizing what was happening, in the first place.

The ads will be removed, but meanwhile Astral Media (who also happens to own Virgin Radio) needs a few lessons about intelligent and sensitive use of public space.

[A note to all who might comment here:  For reasons that should be obvious, I will only entertain discussions about advertising and the control of images in public spaces.]