As I write this, there are now 10,001 approved comments on this site.

Congratulations to you, the readers and prolific writers (and even to those of you who only lurk most of the time) for making this site as good as it is.  If I only wrote articles hoping that someone read them, it would be a dull place.  The comments, both those supporting what I write and those of a differing slant, really make this a discussion, and the threads evolve very quickly.

So, as they used to say, keep those cards and letters coming!

10 thoughts on “10,001 Comments

  1. Does the 10,000th receive a ride on the innaugural Swan Run?

    Congrats, Steve, and keep up the great work!

    Steve: It’s appropriate, I think, that the 10,000th was on the subject of managing the Queen car. Yesterday, I was out at Grenadier Pond. It would make a very scenic, er, swanhouse.


  2. The 10,000th post should get a ride with you in it on one of those Swam pedal boats at Centre Island during the summer, I seriously hope that wasn’t me.

    Steve: It was Kristian Abell.

    Joking aside, congratulations.

    I haven’t agreed with your views/posts, but with most of them I have. Thanks for all the information in the past few years. I am going to search your site after this comment to see your very first post.

    Here is to the next “postversary”, 25,000? You think you will be around for that? maybe 50,000?


  3. As you know I have too much time on my hands these days to surf the net and have looked at transit blogs from all over the world. I have not found one that comes close to being as active as yours. It would probably take the best 40 or more to come up with 10 001 comments. This is mainly due to your knowledge and dedication and to the interest that you have helped to stir up amongst the citizens of Toronto. It also helps that the “Powers That Be” realize that you are well informed and will catch them up if they try to pull a fast one. It has been a long battle and it isn’t over yet but I think that you may be turning the corner. As Churchill said: “It is not the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning.”


  4. It’s Transit party time!

    Too bad this milestone couldn’t be celebrated with an opening of a Transit City line….


  5. Cam Taylor Says:
    April 14th, 2009 at 11:26 am

    ‘It’s Transit party time!

    ‘Too bad this milestone couldn’t be celebrated with an opening of a Transit City line….”

    At the rate we are writing the writer of the 100 001 post chould get to cut the ribbon on the opening day,


  6. Congratulations, Steve. One thing about it, running this website definitely has to have it’s share of ups and downs. I, for one, may not always agree with you 100 per cent of the time on everything BUT I most certainly do my absolute, positive damnedest to keep an open mind as much as humanly possible. The thing of it is that no matter what opinion you express here, somebody is going to disagree with it and that’s that. What I try to do here is to see how I can possibly reconcile or moderate so as to offer a position that is neither black nor white and hope that you or whomever has an opposite opinion can come and meet me in the middle.


  7. The real milestone is when the first billion dollars worth of transit infrastructure that was inspired by this blog is built.

    Steve: I would settle for half a billion, but don’t tell anyone.


  8. Have you thought about adding VIA rail to this website? Now that’s a subject that should get a few people going.

    Steve: This is as much an urban design and planning issues site as a transportation site, and Via doesn’t fit into that area. I can understand including them for services in the greater GTA (such as the Georgetown corridor), but not for the network overall.


  9. There seems to be problem with your comments RSS feed. I’ve been reading it with Google Reader, and some comments are missed. Sometimes there is a day or two when there are nothing shows up on Google Reader, when there have been many comments that are missed.

    When I look at the feed in Thunderbird, there are still comments missing.

    For example, other comment on this post does now show up on Google Reader or Thunderbird.

    Steve: This is a Word Press blog running on Mac OSX, and if there were a problem with RSS on that platform, it would be a cause celebre in the Word Press world. I am suspicious it may have something to do with the order in which I approve comments as I routinely do them in batches. Sometimes I will approve oldest to newest, sometimes the other way around. If an RSS reader happens to check after I have approved a “newer” comment first, it may not bother to go back and “see” the earlier ones.

    Anyone who can cast some light on this problem, please let me know.


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