TTC Service Planning Reports Online, Finally, Sort Of

The TTC now has a Transit Planning page linked from “About The TTC” on its website.

The detailed service summary for the current schedule period is available on this page and, therefore, I will no longer have to host it here.

Missing from the new TTC site are many of the historical reports — operating statistics, Annual Reports, etc., going back to past years.  With a bit of sleuthing, you can find some of these on the City of Toronto website by using its search engine to access cached copies of the reports and pages.

A cached copy of the old “Documents” page is still available.

One thought on “TTC Service Planning Reports Online, Finally, Sort Of

  1. Steve: It’s good to see the TTC are finally getting some of these planning reports up on the new website – I hope they will move over all the older ones and consider putting up other useful/interesting documents such as the 2009 schedule for streetcar track-work replacement, the schedule for upcoming station modernizations etc etc. As I have no doubt that the TTC have machine-readable copies of all these things it should be easy to do.

    I actually just received a May 2008 report on redundant streetcar and trolley poles through my local neighbourhood association (St Lawrence). This report notes that the TTC removed 300 redundant poles in 2007/08 but notes that there are 1252 old trolley poles to be removed plus probably 500 streetcar ones along current streetcar routes!

    Steve: I have the five-year track plan and will post it here later today. Of course it’s always subject to change.


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