Service Changes for September 2008

Fall 2008 brings service back to its standard levels on the TTC network after some summer cutbacks.  I have consolidated the service changes, most due to increased riding, in a two-page summary.

I have omitted a lot of information on school trips and other seasonal changes, but if you want the gory details, you can either visit the TTC’s website or read the summary on Transit Toronto.

A few notable points in this round:

  • Off-peak service on the Yonge and Bloor subway lines is increasing to meet rising demand.  Even with the added service, the lines will be only slightly below the service standards threshold at which more trains have to be added.  The off-peak standard is 500 passengers per train, or 83 per car (a small number of standees at the peak point).
  • For everyone who dreads off-peak visits to the Distillery District, the Cherry Street Union Station service will now run every 15 minutes on Saturdays, and every 30 minutes in the evening.  This is far from spectacular, but it’s an improvement for those who prefer not to walk to the King car.
  • Better service comes to the Harbourfront car recognizing that people on the waterfront actually exist, and they stay up late.  The Spadina car will now run to Union Station until the subway closes.
  • Service improvements on Eglinton West, Jane and Morningside address growing demand in these corridors (all of which happen to be part of Transit City).

Further improvements are expected later this fall including the next round of the Ridership Growth Strategy with full service on all routes during subway operating hours.  Coming in 2009, budget permitting, is a move to 20 minute maximum headways.

4 thoughts on “Service Changes for September 2008

  1. Do you know where the service summary is?

    Steve: It is not online. I am advised that the Communications Department is still adapting Service Planning’s reports so that they can be read by people with disabilities.

    We are now all equally unable to access reports that used to be online. Intelligently run sites going through this sort of conversion post a notice on their inaccessible pages saying “we’re working on it” with a date for availability, but the material remains available.


  2. Steve, I’ll actually buy you a coffee if they actually improve the 30 Lambton, it’s normally never touched except to be a pawn during the “lets take a hatchet to under-used routes” time at the TTC. I’m waiting for the latest service summaries to look at the basic structure of a route study, in order to do my own “unofficial” route analysis…


  3. It’s nice to know that the 509 service will now run until the late evening, but are you aware of any plans to revert early morning service back to Fleet Loop once it is constructed instead of going all the way to Exhibition?

    Steve: I haven’t heard anything about this.


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