Metronauts Launches a New Site

The folks at Metronauts who brought us Transit Camp and the Metrolinx un-conferences have now launched their new website.

From the posts so far, they will be covering a broad range of transit issues from transit users’ and advocates’ points of view and I wish them well.  My own site will remain for the more nuts and bolts stuff, although I suspect there will be a lot of cross-fertilization between our sites.

Coming Soon (August 18, 2008)

I have a few things “in the hopper” that will appear over the next week or so:

  • Comments on the forthcoming Metrolinx Draft Regional Transportation Plan:  What should be in it?  What would constitute a “good” plan?  Given the short two-month span for consultation (assuming Metrolinx is even listening), it’s important that the debate get underway as soon as possible.  This post will set the framework for my comments on whatever Metrolinx actually publishes.
  • An analysis of the Don Mills 25 bus route.  I have just started on this and probably won’t publish anything until next week.
  • More Stratford reviews.
  • The TTC meeting on August 27th promises to be an interesting agenda including an update on the streetcar RFP and a discussion of bus technologies.

I’m still debating whether to post more detailed data on Finch East 39, and may hold off until I have a few more bus routes to compare with each other.