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  1. I don’t know what the practical value of this will be, but from a collaboration and PR perspective I think this a fantastic idea, and I hope it turns out well.

    I really hope that TTC staff turn-out will be strong, because this is a nice opportunity for the media to get a positive view of Transit City, and to show Toronto that TTC staff actually has a genuine interest in improving transit in this city (which despite what some might say I’m sure they do)!


  2. Hmmm… Friday at 6:30 pm is a good timeslot for a premiere at the film festival, but a bit of an odd time for a public presentation from a city agency.

    Steve: I have already adjusted my schedule accordingly. It’s the only time the folks from Paris are available.


  3. Friday, 6:30 PM? In Paris, France it would be Saturday, 12:30 AM! A lot late of a time (or very, very early of a time) to start. Better have a supply of caffeine for them.


  4. The Transit City proposal is based upon the routing premise that using a ROW, traffic signal priority and 500m stations spacing you can get speeds around 23kph which is half way between traditional bus routes and Rapid Transit.

    While examples of the technology, Calgary and Edmonton in particular, seem encouraging there seems to be very few examples of the routing configuration, particularly to 500m station spacing. http://lrt.daxack.ca has a good summary.

    Two of Paris 4 LRT routes, namely 1 & 3, seem to have the 500m station spacing in an environment and over distances similar to that proposed by Transit City. I won’t be able to make it, but it would be interesting to know what ROW, traffic signaling and average speed on those two routes are.


  5. I thought it was great how Kevin Beaulieu handed out colour printouts advertising that meeting – on three rounds of the committee room – to apparently everyone but me.

    Steve: I didn’t get a copy of the supplementary agenda. Life is hard somedays.


  6. Joe,

    I apologize that you didn’t get one. I had 50 copies that I handed out first-come-first-served as I saw people signalling me for one until I ran out. A fair number of people didn’t get one, but I thought the demand had been largely satisfied. Although I had seen you in the room earlier, I didn’t see you at the time in the crowd, unfortunately. Had I been asked, I would have tried to get more copies for others, including you.

    We would very much like to have help in spreading the word (thanks, Steve) and although you now have an electronic copy from this site, I will be glad to send one to you or anyone else if you’d like.


  7. Will the presentation be on the cable community channel (channel 10) or a webcast? Especially for those who cannot make it, babysitting duties, or other conflicts.

    Steve: I doubt it.


  8. This is important.

    Paris seems not only to have an inspiring model for our subway and surface transit system, but they also have been embracing bikes, and combing their new ROWs for buses with bikes.

    Here in Caronto the Carrupt, the streetcar tracks on the east-west carterials are decidedly dangerous for bikes (and former Chair Mr. Moscoe was a bit derisive when I made a comment at a dep about bike safety issues, not seeing how it related to the TTC), and one gets the sense that since the core routes make money for the TTC to backstop suburban services, who cares if its nasty for bikes to ride because that means captive riders.

    It would be of interest to see if French bike groups had to fight like enfer to get their officialdumb to think of bikes and transit co-existing, as a simple thing like a white line parallel to the subway here seems impossible as that would mean squeezing the car parking off the public street! Impossible!!

    (I’m talking Boor St. here – en France, it seems they even have the gall to paint off the door prize zone in their bike lanes – (http://www.flickr.com/photos/loewenherz/354569988/in/set-72157594576463970/)

    Merci tout for this event and it’s promotion – I’ve kinda given up on wasting time and ideas and comments on the TTC meetings, and it’s unusual -evne hopeful – to think that maybe they’re involved in helping setting this up.


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