Upcoming Transit City Open Houses

The following open houses have been announced for June 2008:

Sheppard LRT

Tuesday, June 3 at Agincourt Collegiate (Midland north of Sheppard)

Wednesday, June 4 at Malvern Community Centre (Sewell’s Road east of Neilson)

Scarborough RT Extension

Wednesday, June 4 at Malvern Community Centre (Sewell’s Road east of Neilson)

Thursday, June 5 at Scarborough Town Centre Station

Don Mills LRT

Tuesday, June 10 at Rosedale Heights School for the Arts (near Castle Frank Station)

Tuesday, June 17 at East York Town Centre

Wednesday, June 18 at Don Mills Station

Details are available on the project websites (linked above).

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Transit City Open Houses

  1. If you are interested, York Region Transit is holding their own share of Public Information Centres as well.

    This URL has some PDFs describing what their priorities are: http://www.yrt.ca/whats-ahead/index.asp#pic


    * When: Tuesday, June 10, 2008, 7-9 p.m.
    Where: 1st Floor, Corporate Learning Rooms A & B
    York Region South Service Centre
    50 High Tech Road, Richmond Hill


    * When: Monday, June 16, 2008, 7-9 p.m.
    Where: 1st Floor, Seminar Room
    York Region Administrative Centre
    17250 Yonge Street, Newmarket

    I’m excited to see how things go with transit over the next few years, now that it’s getting more public attention than before with all the high gas prices.


  2. Thursday, June 5, 2008
    4:30pm – 7:00pm Open House
    Scarborough Centre Station
    Mezzanine (Middle Level)
    Scarborough Town Centre
    300 Borough Drive

    They’re actually going to have the consultation in the Scarborough Centre Station, with the SRT buzzing above and buses revving below, when they have the Scarborough Civic Centre right next door? I suppose it might get more people involved by attracting passers-by.

    I see they are also going to have a consultation in Don Mills Station.

    Steve: I work in the Civic Centre (for TDSB, not for the City), and I have noticed that events in the rotunda don’t seem to attract much attention in the evening unless there is a well-publicized meeting taking place on an issue that gets people out. A drop-in will work better at the station itself especially considering the number of people who transfer there from the RT to a bus to continue to the northeast. The real challenge will be to catch them before they rush downstairs to the bus platform and miss the RT display.


  3. Though it’s good to see these Transit City meetings getting going I was wondering what’s going on with the EA for the Waterfront East line. At the last meeting (I think it was over a year ago) the only real problem area seemed to be how best to get into Union Station. The TTC main page has links to Waterfront West EA, Sheppard East EA and Scarborough LRT EA but not to any others. Any idea what’s going on with the Waterfront East line’s EA?

    Steve: About a month ago, those of us who sit on the community committee got a note saying that soon, yes soon, there would be another meeting to present various alternatives for the design at Bay and Queen’s Quay. This has been the nub of our problems, and it was also tied up with the Queen’s Quay redesign, the proposed bus terminal, and, probably, the Gardiner plans. I am going to rattle their cage at Waterfront Toronto to see what’s going on.


  4. Having gone to one of the earlier open houses for the Sheppard line, I received an email notice about the Sheppard and SRT open houses a little over a week ago. Then late last week, I received the notice in the mail.

    I would like to believe that sending snail mail out to people who provided an email address, in addition to sending the same notice by email, is not a sign of greater waste. This does sound rather nitpicky, but it can be indicative of larger issues.

    Steve: I still receive mail on the “interested persons list” for “Streetcars for Toronto” from the City, often multiple copies. Apparently it is just about impossible to get yourself taken off the various mailing lists once you are on them. It’s the sort of thing a self-service portal would be good for, but equally we have to remember that the entire world does not have access to computer technology.

    I do agree that when someone signs up and gives an email and a snail mail address, there should be a flag set saying “send mail here”. The real addresses are useful to know where people live and how them might be affected by a project, even if they receive email to a server in Australia.


  5. I noticed from the neighborhood update that the study area goes down to the downtown core, whereas the transit city maps stopped at Bloor.

    Is this a new development, or has this been thrown around for awhile now? It would be nice to relieve some pressure at Yonge and Bloor.

    Steve: I think that this is left over from the original Don Valley corridor study which went all the way downtown.


  6. On page 22 on the presentation provided on the Sheppard LRT website. The new intersection alignment only shows one platform, and a left turn lane where the other platform should be. I hope this is a real bad typo.

    Steve: You are misreading the drawing. It is a cross section on one side of the street. The layout is similar to Spadina or St. Clair with farside stops and nearside left turn lanes.


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