Joe Mihevc Visits St. Clair West Station

There is a post on youtube by Joe Mihevc, Vice-Chair of the TTC, showing the situation at St. Clair West Station that has kept streetcars out of the loop for months.

When the contractor started to excavate to install a new expansion joint, they found electrical cables buried in the concrete that were not on the station plans. These are being rerouted.

I talked to the Vice-Chair last week, and the TTC hopes to have the streetcars fully back into the station in about a month.

6 thoughts on “Joe Mihevc Visits St. Clair West Station

  1. Thanks for finding this, and a thanks to the vice for putting it up. I heard it had something to do with an electrical wire being hit (I also remember a power-off situation at St. Clair West for a few hours not that long after they started the mess, I assume this was when they hit the wire). While Mr.Mihevc should be thanked for this, the reality is that the TTC should be more willing to share this data without having one of it’s commissioners resort to using youtube.

    Steve: My thanks to Bob Brent for sending me the link in the first place.


  2. Good to hear, that it was a problem with unmapped cables, and not a contractor problem.

    I wonder if Joe will address the major leaking that occurs in the station during heavy rainfalls. It is quite surreal seeing waterfalls underground!


  3. Can’t wait for this St.Clair Ave. to be finished. I’ve been wondering how they were going design the loading dock for the east bound and west bound streetcars. I think it will be just walk across the track like you do at Queen’s Quay to catch a streetcar in either direction.


  4. That reminds me : for years — it seems like decades — the aluminium ceiling stips over the north end of the southbound platform at Lawrence Stn. were missing. Now, I haven’t been there since 2005. Have they been replaced?

    Steve: There was a big push to get a handle on missing ceiling strips all over the system. Alas, the manager who had worked hard to get control of the situation and establish an ongoing process of tracking this sort of thing died unexpectedly last year. I don’t know if someone with the same drive to get things done has taken over.


  5. You can’t help but feel sorry for Joe Mihevc in this situation, being bombarded by the bombastic people of SOS and now having to deal with this crap. I’m pretty sure Joe is pulling his hair out over this fiasco. Who PLANS these things anyway? I remember seeing a post where vital sewer connects were placed UNDERNEATH the Harbourfront LRT. Nice going. Did anyone thought to screw the drivers over for once when they do transit construction?


  6. “Did anyone thought to screw the drivers over for once when they do transit construction?”

    I’m aware of the post that Steve made regarding the Harbourfront LRT. So you’re wondering why the sewer wasn’t placed under the roads instead of the LRT tracks? While that would be an interesting proposition, I am sure that there would be more public outrage over a closed roadway than a closed streetcar line due to Sewer repairs.

    Steve: I have always felt that Machiavellian motives are assumed far too often when plain old stupidity works just as well. The road was probably designed by someone who didn’t even know that the tracks were going to be there. We dig up roads all of the time, and the motorists can just lump it.


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